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1. Having the capacity to compel: a frightening, compulsive novel.
2. Psychology Caused or conditioned by compulsion or obsession.
A person with behavior patterns governed by a compulsion.

com·pul′sive·ly adv.
com·pul′sive·ness, com′pul·siv′i·ty (kŏm′pŭl-sĭv′ĭ-tē, kəm-) n.
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Noun1.compulsivity - the trait of acting compulsively
trait - a distinguishing feature of your personal nature
obsessiveness, obsessivity - extreme compulsiveness
workaholism - compulsiveness about working
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Treatment providers need options to obtain education and training to develop competency to identify, assess and plan treatment for clients presenting with issues related to sexual compulsivity.
COPAC accepts dual diagnosis clients and has tracks for individuals with eating disorders, sexual compulsivity and compulsive gambling.
The frontal control regions of the brain, essentially the 'brakes' on our compulsivity, continue to develop into the mid-twenties and this imbalance may account for greater impulsivity and risk taking behaviours in younger people.
Frederick, Lowenstein, and O'Donoghue (2002) suggest that time preference is tri-dimensional, comprised of three underlying motives: (1) impulsivity, the tendency to act without adequate forethought; (2) compulsivity, the tendency to stick to plans; and (3) inhibition, the ability to override inherent urges.
Since consumption compulsivity can be seen as a negative social and cultural phenomenon, social policy maker should consider this negative impact and design policies to reduce it.
Different pathophysiological models have been proposed for conceptualising the aetiology of hypersexual disorder, including a sexual desire dysregulation model, a sexual addiction and dependency model, and sexual compulsivity and impulsivity models.
In addition, we reviewed research on sexual addiction, sexual compulsivity, and other addictions (e.
Strokes for Different Folks: A General Overview of Sexual Sadomasochism (SM) and Its Diversity, 13 SEXUAL ADDICTION & COMPULSIVITY 333, 338 (2006).
What surprises both Houellebecq's protagonist and reader, elevating them out of the tide of iniquity and disaster, is the path that leads from sexual compulsivity to appreciation of another, to tenderness and emotional generosity.
Significant new material has been added in the areas of psychosis, antipsychotics, antidepressants, impulsivity, compulsivity, and addiction.