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v. com·put·ed, com·put·ing, com·putes
1. To determine by mathematics, especially by numerical methods: computed the tax due. See Synonyms at calculate.
2. To determine by the use of a computer.
1. To determine an amount or number.
2. To use a computer.
3. To be reasonable, plausible, or consistent; make sense: Your alibi doesn't compute.
Computation: amounts beyond compute.

[French computer, from Old French, from Latin computāre : com-, com- + putāre, to reckon; see pau- in Indo-European roots. N., Late Latin computus, from Latin computāre, to compute.]

com·put′a·bil′i·ty n.
com·put′a·ble adj.
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Adj.1.computable - may be computed or estimated; "a calculable risk"; "computable odds"; "estimable assets"
calculable - capable of being calculated or estimated; "a calculable risk"; "calculable odds"
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Simon Turner Eyecatcher Computable 4.00 Musselburgh Out of sorts this season but has dropped down the weights accordingly and his latest improved display suggests he may be able to take advantage of that before too long.
CATTERICK: 3.30 Rose Marmara (won off 73 down 8lb to 65); Highland Acclaim (11lb); 4.30 Billy Dylan (7lb); Computable (7lb); Landing Night (7lb); Longroom (11lb); 5.00 Be Perfect (8lb).
In 1936 his work On Computable Numbers is seen as giving birth to the idea of how computers could operate.
The eight papers introduce the principles of constructive functional analysis and predicativity, the theory of computable functionals and provable computability, the data structures of lambda calculus, and the handling of the proof assistant Minilog across to the reader.
Briones used a new Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) model for his estimates.
REDCAR: 2.10 Snow Storm, 2.45 Swissterious, 3.25 Jimmy Greenhough, 4.00 Emmaus, 4.35 Knighted, 5.10 Warrior's Spirit, 5.40 Rose Tinted Spirit, 6.10 Computable. WOLVERHAMPTON: 5.15 Calling The Wind, 5.45 Kasayid, 6.15 Five Helmets, 6.45 Tashaaboh, 7.15 Che Bella, 7.45 River Cafe, 8.15 First Call, 8.45 Sauchiehall Street.
After one year of research, Basler identified an efficient computable solution.
New technologies are revolutionising the legal system: data security, big data, Bitcoin, computable contract, legal help web, digital technology, document automation, outcome prediction, machine learning, automation of legal work, legal analytics, mobile computing, data mining, legal app, electronic document-management systems, virtual law firms, online dispute resolution, electronic courts and e-filing of court documents, cloud computing, social media, block-chain money transfers and even robot lawyers are transforming the way legal work has traditionally been done.
Faiz Muhammad Shaikh on paper titled "Forecasting Welfare Effect of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) on Agricultural Trade Development and Economy of Pakistan" by using Computable Equilibrium Model (CGE) Model.
Smart contracts are automated computable contracts that are executed in blockchains with the benefits of removing intermediaries and reducing costs.
La segunda parte resume las metodologias actuales utilizadas para evaluar los efectos de los TLC, como los modelos de gravedad y los Modelos de Equilibrio General Computable (CGE), tambien se explican algunos aspectos sobre el manejo de los datos.