computer dealer

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: dealer - a firm that sells and buys computers
dealer - a firm engaged in trading
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They were created by the Americans in their fight against the Soviets, said Sheraz Ahmed, a computer dealer in the city of Multan.
However, all are fairly simple procedures that most people can do if they consult their computer manual and get the advice of the original manufacturer (via technical support) or a reputable computer dealer regarding compatibility issues.
So Salzenberg took the computer back and ordered a new one from another computer dealer.
It's a lot easier to talk to a local computer dealer face to face when you need service, parts or upgrades.
To get started: Take the basic training offered by your computer dealer, and hire a computer design specialist to creat a custom PageMaker template and a set of simple graphic standards for your regular publications.
After three years as a Zenith computer dealer, The Micro Shop lost its Zenith dealer-of-record status for state contracts two years ago when the national computer company decided to sell directly to the state.
Computer Dealer/Lessors Market Grows 20 Percent A study by the Gartner Group and commissioned by the Computer Dealers and Lessors Association (CDLA) reports that 1987 computer/lessor market revenues increased to $12.
As a solution provider, managed services provider, application developer, systems integrator and large account reseller with a coast-to-coast presence, CompuCom Canada can also tap its parent company to leverage more than 10,500 associates holding 75,000 certifications related to leading technologies, ITIL, Six Sigma and other best practices," said Paolo Del Nibletto, Editor, CDN - Computer Dealer News, Canada's No.
CCSI CompuCom Ranked by Computer Dealer News and Recognized for Increased Scale in Canada
27 January 2014 - US private equity firm HIG Capital LLC has, through its dedicated growth capital investment affiliate, completed an investment into Canadian IT equipment refurbisher and remarketer CDI Computer Dealers Inc.
Computer dealers don't know how to perform component-level motherboard repairs, so they are glad to send this work to specialists.
Therefore, local computer dealers welcome this exemption, but are now suffering from a delay in its enactment