computer literacy

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comput′er lit′eracy

familiarity with computers and how they work.
comput′er-lit′erate, adj.
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The provincial government of Cavite through its Provincial Library gave two batches of computer literacy class to selected young Caviteos to make their summer break enjoyable while learning.
MIRPUR (AJK) -- In order to meet challenges of 21st century, Azad Jammu Kashmir government has inked an integrated plan for execution and completion of phased computer literacy program from the primary education level in the public sector educational institutions located in far flung and remote areas of AJK side by side in the urban areas.
Today, throughout the world, computer literacy is the first step for any individual who wants to do anything with computers.
The computer literacy is of foremost important and it must be enhanced in order to improve the proficiency of youth that will further extend their employability chance.
Computer literacy refers to the comfort levels one has with using computer programmes and other applications that are associated with computers.
Parsons and Oja present students, educators, and general-interest readers with the fourth edition of their introductory textbook to computer literacy, computing, and the Internet.
Brian Desbiens, chairman, EQAO Board, said "it inspires both pride and confidence that Ontario students fared so well on the study, given the importance of computer literacy to life in the digital age.
Ahmad Al Shareef, vice president of human resources and support operations, Thuraya, said, "We strongly believe in the 'Educate a Child, Build a Nation' initia- tive as it helps children devel- op computer literacy skills from a young age.
Thuraya has announced its support for Information City's "Educate a Child, Build a Nation" initiative, which advocates computer literacy for children in the UAE.
He added that the government is actively working on improving the computer literacy among the population.
MIRPUR (AJK) -- Azad Jammu Kashmir government has chalked out an integrated plan to launch computer literacy programme from the primary education level in the educational institutions.
23 -- The JRE Group of Institutions, in collaboration with Educomp Foundation launched a computer literacy programme at Jaitpur village.

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