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Schmitt, Computer Network Attack and the Use of Force in International Law: Thoughts on a Normative Framework, 37 COLUM.
Wired Warfare: Computer Network Attack and Jus in Bello, IRRC (June
See, for example, Horace Robertson, 'Self-Defense Against Computer Network Attack Under International Law' (2002) 76 International Legal Studies 121.
10) A sustained computer network attack originating in China continues to target the United States government's information systems with almost seven years of unabated activity and little means of defense.
critical infrastructure is adequately defended from computer network attack, or if the notion of cyber war is over-hyped.
Starling: The ability to do computer network operations: computer network attack, exploit and defend, is dependent on the ability to understand your own network to a very high degree, as well as understanding an adversary's network.
Current IO doctrine (JP 3-13) addresses as a subset of computer network operations the term computer network attack as "actions taken through the use of computer networks to disrupt, deny, degrade, or destroy information resident in computers and computer networks.
The author attempts to adjudicate between factions arguing that computer network attack does not even qualify as a use of force and those believing such actions equate to attacks with weapons of mass destruction.
While I cannot comment on computer network attack here, I would like to make a few remarks on CA and PA.
4) JP 3-13 also states "for the purpose of military operations, computer network operations are divided into computer network attack, computer network defense, and related computer network exploitation enabling operations.
Clearly, computer network defense, computer network attack and information operations are at the top of their list of concerns.
Therefore, some people reason the United States should develop its own capabilities in the realm of computer network attack.

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