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a person with a strong fear or dislike of computers
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(kəmˈpyu tərˌfoʊb)
a person who distrusts or is intimidated by computers.
com•put`er•pho′bi•a, n.
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That is, in some cases, the designation "computerphobe" was applied inappropriately.
One of the accompaniments to the evangelizing script was that they shared a stereotype of their potential users as computerphobes: "A lot of people in the humanities are scared of computers," we were told.
A former Bell Labs research director, Landauer is no computerphobe, relying as he does on powerful computers for his own work.
Anyone familiar with the current generation of microcomputers should find these specifications amusing, although all that technical jargon made as little sense to us initially as it would to a complete computerphobe today.
The factually existing statistical types of students by their emotional-motivational relationship with a computer were revealed: functionalists, computer fans and enthusiasts, computerphobes. In the course of the study a statistical correlation between clusters and computer literacy level has been tested.
The interface has none of the obscure and little-used options that can only distract and frighten computerphobes. FamilyMail's innovative design won the prestigious European Gold Seal of Excellence at CeBit 2004, and also earned it a four-cow rating at Tucows.
However, some of the debates about the nature of the Internet have continued the longstanding exchange between computerphiles and computerphobes. For example, John Perry Barlow, cofounder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, has proclaimed, "With the development of the Internet and with the increasing pervasiveness of communication between networked computers, we are in the middle of the most transforming technological event since the capture of fire" [1, p.
This newer program aims to make even computerphobes comfortable by including educational sessions with financial columnist Jane Bryant Quinn as well as colorful charts and graphs to help you see how much money you will need for retirement and how you can best get there.
For computerphobes, Scarborough notes that the transition from analog to digital can be quite painless.
"The Online Journalist" is a concise, logically organized primer for 'Net virgins and other computerphobes who still seem to make up the majority of most newsrooms.
Computer phobia continues to be present in the work place; but as Paul Nadler (1992) states "[t]here is no place for computerphobes .
So computerphobes aren't scared away, visitors ease into the gimmickry at a laser light show that plays along a site table.

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