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a person with a strong fear or dislike of computers


(kəmˈpyu tərˌfoʊb)
a person who distrusts or is intimidated by computers.
com•put`er•pho′bi•a, n.
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Anyone familiar with the current generation of microcomputers should find these specifications amusing, although all that technical jargon made as little sense to us initially as it would to a complete computerphobe today.
But Jeanne Potter, who was recently declared America's Biggest Computerphobe, is about to come to terms with her fears.
For example, both consultants explicitly described one of the users we interviewed as a computerphobe.
Computer phobia continues to be present in the work place; but as Paul Nadler (1992) states "[t]here is no place for computerphobes .
The Online Journalist" is a concise, logically organized primer for 'Net virgins and other computerphobes who still seem to make up the majority of most newsrooms.
The interface has none of the obscure and little-used options that can only distract and frighten computerphobes.
With the June 2 election drawing nearer, computerphobes who want information on all the top races can again go to an Internet site set up by the Democracy Network.

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