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Noun1.computing system - a system of one or more computers and associated software with common storagecomputing system - a system of one or more computers and associated software with common storage
backup system - a computer system for making backups
auxiliary equipment, off-line equipment - electronic equipment not in direct communication (or under the control of) the central processing unit
platform - the combination of a particular computer and a particular operating system
system - instrumentality that combines interrelated interacting artifacts designed to work as a coherent entity; "he bought a new stereo system"; "the system consists of a motor and a small computer"
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By delivering this system to NERSC, we've provided a highly productive computing system to over 2,500 users nationwide," said Robert (Bo) H.
Samson Information Technologies, LLC President Michael Goldstein recently told 300 information systems executives how a company can streamline operations, gear competitively for the future of electronic commerce and realize significant savings by incorporating document imaging into its existing computing system.
The DoD high performance computing (HPC) modernization plan is founded on four key principles: 1) the sharing of DoD computing system resources via high-speed networks, 2) the leveraging of national computing system resources, 3) the rapid deployment of advanced, scalable computing systems as shared DoD system resources, and 4) the sustained modernization of DoD HPC.
IBM also will develop design analysis tools to estimate and analyze the power consumption and performance of a PowerPC-based computing system.
It allows our products to have tight integration with other computing system components which has the largest install base in the HPC community.
D-Wave president and CEO Herb Martin said that the new funding enables completion of the first commercially useful quantum computing system, which will also be the world's fastest computer.
Computing System Innovation's (CSI) IntelliDact(TM) was selected by the Marion County Clerk of the Circuit Court located in Ocala, Fla.
Cisco and Intermec together provide an integrated, end-to-end wireless mobile computing system that helps us quickly deploy new applications and capabilities.
As security threats have become more sophisticated, the tools we use to protect against them must respond, says Mike Paul, chief technology officer of Innovative Computing Systems.
Report Details The world military mobile computing systems market is expected to demonstrate significant and sustained growth throughout the forecast period, 2013-2023.
IEEE International workshop on Future Trends of Distributed Computing Systems (11th: 2007: Sedona, AZ)
AUSTIN, Texas -- Arches Computing Systems today announced that it is demonstrating at Supercomputing 2008 the Message Passing Interface (MPI), running in both hardware and software on the Xilinx[R] Accelerated Computing Platform (ACP), a heterogeneous platform built around an Intel[R] Xeon [R] 7300/7400 multi-core processor and a Xilinx Virtex[R]-5 FPGA-based Nallatech FSB-FPGA module.

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