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n. Psychology
The aspect of mental processes or behavior directed toward action or change and including impulse, desire, volition, and striving.

[Latin cōnātiō, cōnātiōn-, effort, from cōnātus, past participle of cōnārī, to try.]

co·na′tion·al, co′na·tive (kō′nə-tĭv, kŏn′ə-) adj.
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(Psychology) the element in psychological processes that tends towards activity or change and appears as desire, volition, and striving
[C19: from Latin cōnātiō an attempting, from cōnārī to try]
coˈnational adj
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(koʊˈneɪ ʃən)

the aspect of mental life having to do with purposive behavior, including desiring, resolving, and striving.
[1605–15; < Latin cōnātiō an effort =cōnā(rī) to try + -tiō -tion]
con•a•tive (ˈkɒn ə tɪv, ˈkoʊ nə-) adj.
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"Desire," also, is narrower than what is intended: for example, WILL is to be included in this category, and in fact every thing that involves any kind of striving, or "conation" as it is technically called.
A variety of psychological and epistemic phenomena (including confirmation bias, self-serving bias, and so on) are presented that arise due to epistemic intemperance, or the inappropriate influence of conations on cognition.
But, our surrounding is enriched by phenomena arising from conations far from equilibrium.
He prays for the martyr policemen and officers as well as takes conations to further improve the police department.
Hence, it would seem role identities might also influence conations (intentions) before influencing actual behaviors.
Road condition parameter, or maximum friction coefficient, is an time-varying and unknown parameter for the vehicle dynamic which can effect the autonomous vehicle control system dramatically in slippery road conations. Therefore, it is necessary that the control system has an estimation about this parameter [9].
(29) List and Pettit do suggest that, to count as a "group" agent, an agent must be identifiable over time, and that unstructured agents tend to fail this test, since there is no clear criterion concerning which individual mental states combine to constitute collective cognitions and conations. They admit, however, that such groups could be what they call "joint" agents--a collective capable of acting at least once, if not repeatedly, over time (32, n.
In an earlier study, tannin content was reported to be 21.3 to 39.7 g catechinequiv/kg seed in wild and cultivated beans under optimum growth conations [39].
Rather than what the United States learned from foreign Fulbright students, mainstream research focused on what foreign students learned from the United States and how their learning led to favorable attitudes and conations for friendly relations with America.
Pledges or conations may be made at
Definition 1: The initial value problem (1.1) is said to be stiff over the interval R if for every x[member of] R, the eigenvalues ([[lambda].sub.t](x), t = 1,...,n) of the Jacobian ([delta]f/[delta]y)satisfy the following conations,