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1. Concave on one side and convex on the other.
2. Having greater curvature on the concave side than on the convex side. Used of a lens.


1. having one side concave and the other side convex
2. (General Physics) (of a lens) having a concave face with greater curvature than the convex face. Compare convexo-concave2


(kɒnˈkeɪ voʊ kɒnˈvɛks)

1. Also, convexo-concave. concave on one side and convex on the other.
2. of or designating a lens in which the concave face has a greater degree of curvature than the convex face.
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Adj.1.concavo-convex - concave on one side and convex on the other with the concavity being greater than the convexity
concave - curving inward


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Wysogorski (1900) described the evolutionary trends of the Orthis calligramma group and differentiated the concavo-convex brachiopods as a separate linage with the species Orthis moneta Eichwald, 1861, O.
The micrometer-sized particles to form homogenous concavo-convex surfaces, which trap air, consequently, the superhydrophobe surface forms a micrometer air film that prevents water permeation and inhibits the adhesion of substances including dirt, water, ice and snow.
Key statement: A manufacturing method of a tire forming mold in which an annular mold portion is constituted by a combination of sectors includes a step of manufacturing a circular arc shaped inner segment provided with a concavo-convex shape, a step of dividing the inner segment by a non-flat surface division so as to obtain a first segment piece and a second segment piece, and a step of incorporating the first segment piece into an inner peripheral side of a back segment of one sector out of a pair of sectors which are adjacent to each other in the tire circumferential direction, incorporating the second segment piece into an inner peripheral side of a back segment of the other sector, and arranging the non-fiat surface divided surface in an end surface of the sector.