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1. One that conceals.
2. A facial cosmetic used to cover blemished skin.
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That's why I have recently integrated into my routine It Cosmetics' Bye Bye Under Eye Full Coverage Anti-Aging Waterproof Concealer. It's a thick but blendable cream that guarantees waterproof, crease-proof and trademarked expression-proof coverage.
FOR its ability to cover up even the nastiest acne breakouts, and to make us look wide awake when we feel like death, concealer is true make-up marvel.
"It can be used as an all over primary foundation, or as a concealer to even skin tone or cover up a stubborn blemish."
Choosing the wrong formula Your choice of concealer should depend on your skin concerns, Barker says: "Concealers for breakouts tend to be a thicker consistency and I would advise looking for more of a matte finish, as you do not want to draw attention to it.
Here are some concealer fails and how to fix them...
Using a touch of the right concealer is just so much fresher and more lightweight, and doesn't make me want to itch or wash my face within 10 minutes of being outside.
I'm not a pro at applying concealer, that'sthe truth, so I'd rather stick to what I know best.
As a makeup artist, one question I'm often asked is, "what is your favourite concealer?" It's not a straightforward answer as we are bombarded with new cosmetics releases almost daily.
2 weeks ago over $2.5 million dollars in Jeffree Star Cosmetics makeup products were stolen, including my new Magic Star concealer.
Prince Harry could be wearing a hair concealer as he might become completely bald in two years.
CONCEALER OVERLOAD Caroline says the No1 mistake people make with concealer is using too much of it.
Caroline says the number one mistake people make with concealer is using too much of it.