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v. con·ced·ed, con·ced·ing, con·cedes
1. To acknowledge, often reluctantly, as being true, just, or proper; admit: conceded that we made a mistake. See Synonyms at acknowledge.
a. To acknowledge or admit (defeat).
b. To acknowledge defeat in: concede an election; concede a chess match.
a. To yield or surrender (something owned or disputed, such as land): conceded the region when signing the treaty.
b. To yield or grant (a privilege or right, for example).
c. Sports To allow (a goal or point, for example) to be scored by the opposing team or player.
To make a concession or acknowledge defeat; yield: The losing candidate conceded after the polls had closed.

[French concéder, from Latin concēdere : com-, intensive pref.; see com- + cēdere, to yield; see ked- in Indo-European roots.]

con·ced′ed·ly (-sē′dĭd-lē) adv.
con·ced′er n.
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Noun1.conceding - the act of conceding or yielding
assent, acquiescence - agreement with a statement or proposal to do something; "he gave his assent eagerly"; "a murmur of acquiescence from the assembly"
bye, pass - you advance to the next round in a tournament without playing an opponent; "he had a bye in the first round"
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I insist on your conceding something, on your side, in return.
Nigeria came in third on two points with four goals scored and five conceded, while Ethiopia ranked fourth with one point from a draw, scoring no goals and conceding four.
CONCEDING only one more goal than French giants Paris Saint-Germain wouldn't normally be so bad.
Evo-Stik West RUNCORNL 4 COLWYN BAY 0 By TIM CHANNON COWYN BAY'S poor run continued with defeat at promotion-chasing Runcorn Linnets after conceding the first two goals from corners.
Royal Decree 12/2019 endorses Medco Arabia Ltd conceding one third of its rights and obligations in the agreement signed on November 20, 2014 for Block No 56 to Biyaq Oilfield Services LLC.
"But right now we are conceding goals and it's one of the big issues.
TONY Pulis should be concerned with the nature of the goals Middlesbrough are conceding according to Sky Sports pundit Liam Rosenior.
alisson 'angry' at conceding but thanks compatriots for helping him settle at anfield ALISSON BECKER admits he was left "very angry" by Liverpool's win over Cardiff City - as he revealed how the club's Brazilian brotherhood is helping him settle at Anfield.
After conceding early in both the Premier League and Champions League at Liverpool last season Guardiola insists his players have to stay strong defensively.
I think winning by two goals without conceding any is better than winning by five goals and conceding two," Maaloul said during the pre-match press conference on Wednesday.
City have never gone through a whole season without conceding more than two goals in a game!