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v. con·cel·e·brat·ed, con·cel·e·brat·ing, con·cel·e·brates
To take part in a concelebration of the Eucharist.
To take part in (a Eucharist) as a joint celebrant.

[Latin concelebrāre, concelebrāt- : com-, com- + celebrāre, to celebrate; see celebrate.]

con·cel′e·brant (-brənt) n.


1. (Roman Catholic Church) Christianity each of the priests celebrating the Eucharist or Mass jointly
2. (Protestantism) Christianity each of the priests celebrating the Eucharist or Mass jointly


[kənˈselɪˌbrənt] N (frm) → concelebrante m
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Bishop Alphonsus Cullinan was chief concelebrant at the bicentenary celebrations for the Ursuline Waterford, the order that set up and still runs St Angela's School.
Father Hampton Davis presided over the Nuptial Ceremony with Brother Duaine Morgan serving as concelebrant.
Precourt, AA, Provincial Delegate for the American Region, will be the principal concelebrant and homilist.
11) His study on the eucharistic assembly in the Second Testament period and the early church yielded an intriguing assertion that the presider's authentic concelebrant is the laity.
TODAY I shall be a concelebrant at the celebration of the first ever Mass in Welsh at the newly-restored St Teilo's Church at the National History Museum at St Fagans.
Miguel Diaz Ayllon, Provincial of North America and the Philippines, will be the principal concelebrant.
The main concelebrant at the Mass, which was attended by nearly 30 priests, was Monsignor Gerard Dasey, diocesan vicar-general, of Marske.
Bruce Morrill, a guest concelebrant at one of the group's daily Masses, told NCR the statement is a pointed rejection of the congregation's demands.
Retired Bishop of Worcester Daniel Reilly, a childhood friend of Lou Gorman, was a concelebrant at Gorman's funeral Thursday in Weston.
The practice of the priest celebrant or a concelebrant waiting until after the Communion of the faithful before taking Communion himself is reprobated (par.
11 featured a young adult choir, Cardinal Francis George as celebrant, and concelebrant priests who have been involved in the program.