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Celebration of the Eucharist by two or more officiants.


(kənˌsɛl əˈbreɪ ʃən, kɒn-)

the celebration of a Eucharist or mass by two or more members of the clergy.
con•cel′e•brate`, v.i., v.t. -brat•ed, -brat•ing.


[kənˈsɛlɪˈbreɪʃn] n (Rel) → concelebrazione f
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It falls short of full communion between churches, which is based on formal agreements, making possible concelebration and the exchange of ministers.
30) This implementation then would have resulted in, for example, only limited use of the vernacular, retention of Latin for the majority of the liturgy, preservation of the ad orientem posture of the presider, no concelebration, and retention of Gregorian chant as the chief musical idiom.
Taking Pope Francis' cue that a shepherd should smell like his sheep, I did not join the concelebration of the Mass at the Quirino Grandstand.
On the final matter of the eucharist as the sacramental meal of love, Wainwright named the current state of ecumenical affairs and the seemingly insurmountable barrier of intercommunion and concelebration, while pointing to possibilities and opportunities.
The concelebration in question occurred during the 2011 SOA Watch vigil, the annual protest against the U.
The Pope, who will preside at a Concelebration with the new Cardinals on February 23, 2014, seeks prayers from the faithful that the new Cardinals may be able to help more effectively the Bishop of Rome in the service of the universal Church.
It will be an important concelebration, and the last led by the Holy Father in Saint Peter's," Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi said.
Un libro cuya primera edicion en castellano ha sido ligeramente ampliada en las ediciones en frances e ingles del ano 2011 (ambas ediciones han sido publicadas por la misma editorial; para la edicion en frances: La concelebration eucharistique.
When the Council held its first session, concelebration was not yet permitted.
In addition, he provides guidance for Eucharistic concelebration and he encourages the creation of diocesan bodies laid down by canonical norms.
His editing was an art of continuous concelebration.