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archaic a concord, as of sounds, voices, etc
[C16: from Latin concentus harmonious sounds, from concinere to sing together, from canere to sing]



n. Archaic.
harmony; concord.
[1575–85; < Latin concentus harmony, chorus, literally, singing or playing together =concen-, variant s. of concinere to sing together (con- con- + -cinere, comb. form of canere to sing) + -tus suffix of v. action; compare chant]


 a concord or harmony of sounds. See also concert, consort.
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the angel face of Una), Love--the "celestiall harmonie, [o]f likely harts composed of starres concent [= harmony], / Which ioyne together in sweete sympathie" (An hymne in honour of beautie 197-198; Spenser 1959: 592).
Nous nous concent sur les dossiers des diffAaAaAeA@rends entre la CLAC et les autres syndicat un cas rAaAaAeA@cent oAaAaAeA le syndicat a soutenu la lAaAaAeA@gislation amiabl les employeurs en Ontario et les instruments rhAaAaAeA@toriques et la propagan du syndicat.
Schedules Variables 10:30 13:30 15:30 17:30 24 h * Volume ([micro]L) 20,3 a 4,0c 1,3 d 4,3 c 17,7b Brix (0) 21c 21c 22b 25 a 24 a Concent.
The last column indic a te s tha t mor e concent r a ted industries experience higher aggregate productivity growth.
Find it easy to show concent, love and warmth to others].
Low mobile penetration rates and rising subscriber concent ration in the urban areas drive our mobile growth forecast.
Standards setters are also listening to concent about the volume of recent changes and are tailoring their agenda to be more narrowly focused.
In 2010, an Elton John concent held at the site was promoted through graphics depicting Elton John sitting on top of the pyramid of Kukulcan (Fig.
S embargo, la regiAaAaAeA n de Antofagasta superAaAaAeA a la del BiobAaAaAeA o, te una participaciAaAaAeA n del 5,4% sobre el 1,8% de esta AaAaAeA ltima, concent casi totalmente en su sector primario.
in the evident concent the bill demonstrated with the problem of
Although liquid additives typically cost more per pound than pellet concent rates, they contains higher active ingredient loadings, are used at lower addition levels and take up much less warehouse space, Cabana explained.
The Alchemist spoofs the Puritan Hugh Broughton's Concent of Scripture (1590), which Jonson depicts as "call[ing] the rabbins and the heathen Greeks" together and endorsing divination through the "ancient communion of vowels and consonants.