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v. con·cen·trat·ed, con·cen·trat·ing, con·cen·trates
a. To direct or draw toward a common center; focus.
b. To bring into one main body: Authority was concentrated in the president.
2. To make (a solution or mixture) less dilute.
a. To converge toward or meet in a common center.
b. To increase by degree; gather: "Dusk began to concentrate into full night" (Anthony Hyde).
2. To direct one's thoughts or attention: We concentrated on the task before us.
A product that has been concentrated, especially a food that has been reduced in volume or bulk by the removal of liquid: pineapple juice concentrate.

[From concenter.]

con′cen·tra′tive adj.
con′cen·tra′tive·ly adv.
con′cen·tra′tor n.


tending to concentrate; characterized by concentration
ˈconcenˌtratively adv
ˈconcenˌtrativeness n
References in classic literature ?
The possible moves being not only manifold but involute, the chances of such oversights are multiplied; and in nine cases out of ten it is the more concentrative rather than the more acute player who conquers.
To observe attentively is to remember distinctly; and, so far, the concentrative chess-player will do very well at whist; while the rules of Hoyle (themselves based upon the mere mechanism of the game) are sufficiently and generally comprehensible.
Tenders are invited for Brake Cleaner And Concentrative Degreaser In Aerosol Can Of 500Ml Make Wurth/Stanvac/Corium Only.
Meditation may be broadly classified as concentrative or non-concentrative (e.
One type is concentrative meditation, where the meditating person focuses attention on his or her breathing or on specific thoughts and, in doing so, suppresses other thoughts.