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v. con·cen·trat·ed, con·cen·trat·ing, con·cen·trates
a. To direct or draw toward a common center; focus.
b. To bring into one main body: Authority was concentrated in the president.
2. To make (a solution or mixture) less dilute.
a. To converge toward or meet in a common center.
b. To increase by degree; gather: "Dusk began to concentrate into full night" (Anthony Hyde).
2. To direct one's thoughts or attention: We concentrated on the task before us.
A product that has been concentrated, especially a food that has been reduced in volume or bulk by the removal of liquid: pineapple juice concentrate.

[From concenter.]

con′cen·tra′tive adj.
con′cen·tra′tive·ly adv.
con′cen·tra′tor n.
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n concentrador m; oxygen — concentrador de oxígeno
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Ore will be introduced into the circuit with first concentrate production from the new concentrator plant planned in September.
In addition, I use test scores to show changes in the relative academic level of CTE concentrators.
'Now with the oxygen concentrator, we decided to introduce what is called oxygen insurance and consequently, any patient that is admitted and need oxygen will not pay more than N2,000 to N3,000 during entire the period.'
Thermo Fisher Scientific has introduced its first line of vacuum concentrators offering a library of pre-programmed protocols, while also allowing users to create custom programs, for fast and reliable evaporation of a broad range of solvents.
Sotkamo Silver AB (HEL:SOSI1), an exploiter of mineral deposits in the Nordic countries, announced on Thursday an agreement with the local construction company RPK Rakennus Kemppainen Oy, about the construction of the foundation of the concentrator plant and related civil works for the Silver Mine project.
The dish concentrator via an elevation-azimuth double-axis tracking device (EATD) was used to accurately track the sun's position so it could focus the sunlight to the precalculated position of the receiver [10-12].
For our purposes in the airplane (and for certain industrial solutions), 95 or even 90 percent pure oxygen from a concentrator is acceptable.
In response to customers wanting an overnight, portable oxygen concentrator that reduces cylinder deliveries and eliminates the trouble of changing and carrying multiple oxygen bottles, US-based PRO2 Medical Supplies will market Inova's LifeChoice ActiVox Portable Oxygen Concentrator with AC/DC power supplies, carrying bag and cannula, the company said on Friday.
Garden Grove, CA, April 02, 2015 --( Saint-Gobain Seals' Rulon[R] cup seals continue to contribute to improving the quality of life for many users of portable oxygen concentrators (POC), which deliver oxygen therapy at higher concentrations than typical ambient air.
The coordinate transformation method was applied to form devices such as invisible cloak [13], microwave rotator [14], and electromagnetic concentrator [15], where the transformed domain was not deformed.