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One of many specialized hollow chambers containing reproductive structures that appear as dark, dotlike bodies on the surface of receptacles in certain algae and fungi.

[Latin conceptāculum, receptacle, from conceptus, past participle of concipere, to conceive; see conceive.]


(Biology) a flask-shaped cavity containing the reproductive organs in some algae and fungi
[C17: from Latin conceptāculum receptacle, from concipere to receive, conceive]
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Eroded conceptacles may reflect a damaged conceptacle or conceptacles that have already released their spores and collapsed (Littler and Littler, 2003); they have lost their dome-shaped aspect, and the form of the pore is not clearly defined.
Mesophyllum printzianum previously collected from the same location had dense patches of diatoms in grazing refugia beside protruberances or in sunken conceptacle pore-plates (Fig.
Characteristics used for identification included gross morphology; crust texture and thickness; reproductive conceptacle or sori abundance, shape, and size; hypothallus and perithallus cell arrangement and size; and trichocyte field abundance, orientation, and distribution in perithallus.
This includes conceptacles to evaluate information sources.
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