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v. con·cep·tu·al·ized, con·cep·tu·al·iz·ing, con·cep·tu·al·iz·es
To form a concept or concepts of, and especially to interpret in a conceptual way: This cabaret performance was conceptualized as a homage to vaudeville.
To form concepts.

con·cep′tu·al·i·za′tion (-sĕp′cho͞o-ə-lĭ-zā′shən) n.
con·cep′tu·al·iz′er n.
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(kənˈsɛptjʊəˌlaɪzə) or


a person who conceptualizes
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I'm guilty- Guilty of cookie cutting, copy and paste, call it what you like, but it's dawning on me that in my early days as a serial conceptualiser, I may have taken the easy route.
Noura Hawilo, ECHO's conceptualiser at MICE International, said ECHO hosted more than 35 UAE-based universities at d3, to launch the ECHO Open Call.
Grace a sa capacite d'assimilation des savoirs et de reflexion, le camarade Baladi a pu conceptualiser la notion de [beaucoup moins que]Revolution Nationale Democratique[beaucoup plus grand que], qu'il a egalement su expliquer aux des proletaires marocains.
Il existe differentes facons de conceptualiser la sante mentale dans sa dimension globale et positive.
Faysal Mikati, founder and CEO of SnowComms and conceptualiser of the event, said: "The unique commitments of international and regional partners like Gulf Craft bring innovative solutions to the market while tailoring products to meet the unique needs of Qatari enthusiasts."
Les articles de ce numero refletent la diversite des approches utilisees pour conceptualiser, mesurer et analyser la performance des programmes et des organisations, ainsi que les differents postulats epistemologiques qui les sous-tendent quant a la facon d'interpreter les donnees et d'evaluer leur valeur sous l'angle de la performance.
"We always wanted The Maze to look like it was carved out of one massive piece of rock; with the constant play of light and shadow to render it alive," said Hassan Abdulla Al Rostamani, vice-chairman of the Group and The Maze Tower Conceptualiser.