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1. Philosophy The doctrine, intermediate between nominalism and realism, that universals exist only within the mind and have no external or substantial reality. Also called mentalism.
2. A school of abstract art or an artistic doctrine that is concerned with the intellectual engagement of the viewer through conveyance of an idea and negation of the importance of the art object itself.

con·cep′tu·al·ist adj. & n.
con·cep′tu·al·is′tic adj.
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And yet Bucklow's take on the very specificity of a colour and its use, gave cause to think far more subjectively and intuitively about the artist's role as both craftsman and conceptualist, technician and talisman, manufacturer and mediator.
Though he had recorded the music for "Come Down," the video had not coalesced until a momentous event sent shock waves throughout the musical world earlier this year: the January 10 death of musical conceptualist and pioneer David Bowie.
The InstaMeet was organised by Yekaterina Mishchenkova, a creative conceptualist and member of the Union of Photographers of Russia.
Were Mel Bochner's pieces superficial, trite, and sloppy when they were painted in the height of the minimalist and conceptualist movements?
He's also a budding conceptualist, lately putting together an ambitious series of gigs under the title Music And Architecture, involving an imaginative array of settings.
The article challenges the assumption, made by friends as well as foes of conceptualism, that a conceptualist stance necessarily commits us to denying animals minds.
Phil Robson The Immeasurable Code: The guitarist continues to show what a strong composer and conceptualist he is in addition to wielding the mighty axe.
The Conceptualist Reading of Theaetetus 184B-187A supports the standard view of belief formation, whereas the Realist Reading, I will argue, supports the view that belief formation is an intrinsically truth-directed activity for Plato.
The creator of these toys was not only a remarkably skilled artist and craftsman, he was also a great engineer, conceptualist, and designer.
His massive talent as a rebellious conceptualist came to the fore on his last solo album proper - the funny, four Grammy-winning, multi-platinum masterpiece Tha Carter III.
Likewise, the well-used sound-and-textures score by France's conceptualist Blatter fur die Kunst builds a sense of dread.
The showcasing of his early films and performance photographs in the vicinity of large-scale installations--two restored and a new one created for the occasion--wonderfully demonstrates the conceptualist nub of his work.