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1. Philosophy The doctrine, intermediate between nominalism and realism, that universals exist only within the mind and have no external or substantial reality. Also called mentalism.
2. A school of abstract art or an artistic doctrine that is concerned with the intellectual engagement of the viewer through conveyance of an idea and negation of the importance of the art object itself.

con·cep′tu·al·ist adj. & n.
con·cep′tu·al·is′tic adj.
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Adj.1.conceptualistic - involving or characteristic of conceptualism
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Her style and compositions show the natural forms of a real world in a semi abstract, expressionistic and/or conceptualistic way.
462, 478 (1985) ("The Court long ago rejected the notion that personal jurisdiction might turn on 'mechanical' tests or on 'conceptualistic ...
Christopher Bobonich in "Images of Irrationality" argues for a conceptualistic over an imagistic view of non-rational motivations in Plato's later dialogues.
It now would appear to some that perhaps this approach was unduly conceptualistic, and that the tax law has made progress in freeing itself somewhat from the rigidity of the older test"); Charles L.B.
He was an ardent experimenter and independently arrived at a number of original expressions of a conceptualistic nature back in his youth in his home town, Ruzomberok.
A Theory of Possibility: A Constructivist and Conceptualistic Account of Possible Individuais and Possible Worlds.