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v. con·cep·tu·al·ized, con·cep·tu·al·iz·ing, con·cep·tu·al·iz·es
To form a concept or concepts of, and especially to interpret in a conceptual way: This cabaret performance was conceptualized as a homage to vaudeville.
To form concepts.

con·cep′tu·al·i·za′tion (-sĕp′cho͞o-ə-lĭ-zā′shən) n.
con·cep′tu·al·iz′er n.


(kənˈsɛptjʊəˌlaɪzə) or


a person who conceptualizes
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In consequence, the processing in the conceptualizer and/or formulator may have been reduced, freeing up their attentional resources and allowing the participants to monitor their language structures on-line; thus producing accurate language.
This year is only going to be better," said Gautam Anand, Head Conceptualizer, AGENCY09.
Not that the whole cast was less than equal to the vocal if not always to the dramatic demands of the opera (Carsen remains more impressive as a conceptualizer than as a molder of individual characterizations), with Adrianne Pieczonka's Madame Lidoine and Isabel Bayrakdarian's Blanche heading a roster otherwise distinguished by the fine contributions of soprano Helene Guilmette (Sister Constance), mezzo Irina Mishura (Mother Marie) and tenor Frederic Antoun (Chevalier de la Force).
That's evident in the relationship he has quickly developed with Stefano Pessina, the man who built Alliance Boots into the retailing and wholesaling powerhouse that has now become Walgreens' partner, the man who is recognized as being without peer as a thinker, strategist and conceptualizer.
Huumo also argues that examples such as (4a) and (4b) utilize a close perspective to the designated configuration and produce a scanning effect: when mentally tracking the path, the conceptualizer keeps encountering mushrooms or demands for reforms.
I see myself as a conceptualizer, both of communication phenomena and design activities.
Whether or not the principal conceptualizer of a strategy is designated to command its implementation in the field, the function of command must feature prominently on the strategy landscape.
says Atul Khekade, Chief conceptualizer of Innovation Township and Founding Partner of Netz Capital Advisors.
I don't think anyone inside State or the National Security Council is actually the conceptualizer other than the president himself.
While this point is highly debatable Sankar is on firmer ground when he describes leaps forward in technology propelled by innovators such as da Vinci and Arthur Clarke the conceptualizer of transistor radios.
It critically includes, beside the objective properties of the described object, the way in which the conceptualizer chooses to present it.