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1. Of or relating to concepts or mental conception: conceptual discussions that antedated development of the new product.
2. Of or relating to conceptualism.

[Medieval Latin conceptuālis, from Late Latin conceptus, a thought; see concept.]

con·cep′tu·al·ly adv.
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Adv.1.conceptually - in a conceptual manner; "he can no longer think conceptually"; "conceptually, the idea is quite simple"


[kənˈseptjʊəlɪ] ADVconceptualmente, como concepto
conceptually, the idea made sensecomo concepto, la idea podía funcionar


advbegrifflich; X is conceptually impossibleX ist begrifflich undenkbar; it only exists conceptuallydas existiert nur in der Vorstellung
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Prior information notice without call for competition for Implementation of a regular evaluation of selected individual projects System (IPS) and individual projects conceptually oriented (IPK)
In spite of the increased visibility of learning centers in higher education, however, accounts of them in the educational literature have been written in excessively abstract language, rendering them conceptually vague and fragmented.
As a result, the software can identify specialists and experts within the healthcare delivery organization and connect them to conceptually related professionals, as well as specific patient cases.
Especially commended as an addition to scholarly and academic library International Poetry collections, "Education By Stone" will be read with reflective enjoyment by non-specialist general readers with an interest in finely formed verse that resonates both emotionally and conceptually.
Her gilded sculpture is a winged palm figure, based conceptually on The Winged Victory of Samothrace, and is intended to be evocative of the Biblical Tree of Life.
Its entries are historically rich, contextually broad, and conceptually precise, making learning the vocabulary of theology an engaging experience.
Introducing modern and progressive visions for and of the church, Beyond Vatican II conceptually analyzes and concisely documents the variations occurring between neo-traditionalists and traditionalists and the churches questionable pursuits with the multitude of smaller sects seeking differences from the fundamentally inclined notions of the Pope and the Vatican.
Visually suggestive and conceptually complex, Martinez Oliva's work raises issues of pedagogy, anthropological ritual, and gender.
After examining standard approaches to measuring socioeconomic status, and their flaws, one group of researchers concludes that "health research could be improved significantly with a more conceptually and empirically sound approach.
Conceptually, all this is lovely, and in its stereotypical way, apt.
When asked why she commissioned Brown, a staunch postmodernist, POB director Brigitte Lefevre replies, "She is a pioneer, not only physically but conceptually, too.