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Noun1.concert piano - a grand piano suitable for concert performancesconcert piano - a grand piano suitable for concert performances
grand piano, grand - a piano with the strings on a horizontal harp-shaped frame; usually supported by three legs
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In his later years, Gould recorded three albums, including Bach: The Goldberg Variations, on a Yamaha concert piano.
His father managed to acquire a 150-year-old concert piano for him to practice on, a feat unimaginable in the southern city of Tainan at the time, he jokes.
This contemporary version of the timeless classic has been arranged and rendered on the world's grandest concert piano, the flagship Steinway Model D, to befit the Jana Gana Mana's majesty and stature.
The recital celebrates the gift of a new concert piano for the cathedral.
"I hope we will soon be able to announce that we have sufficient funding to buy a concert piano."
Box Office: 01792 475715 Sunday October 8 | 11.30am: Great Hall, Swansea University Bay Campus | Presteigne Festival Tour Concert Piano Recital - Tim Horton (piano) Box Office: 01792 475715 | 12.45pm: Great Hall, Swansea University Bay Campus | Friends Lunch Join the Festival Friends for lunch in the Great Hall Restaurant Box Office: | 2.30pm: Great Hall, Swansea University Bay Campus | Friends Festival Talk Accomplished writer, broadcaster and composer Stephen Johnson gives this year's Festival Talk.
* $180,000 to repair the organ and replace the concert piano;
"It would be lovely to have a great concert piano by one of the great makers like Steiner or Yamaha.
Bosendorfer's concert grand piano is one of the world's largest and most sought after concert piano. A new Imperial Grand has a list price approaching $250,000.
Once my eyes became accustomed to the low light I made out the outlines of an aged concert piano.
Video artist Anton Hecht put a concert piano at Stand T in Newcastle's Haymarket Bus Station, and invited passengers to play a handful of notes each from Beethoven's famous Moonlight Sonata, with their efforts building into an edited film.