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n. pl. con·cer·ti·nos
1. A short concerto.
2. The solo group in a concerto grosso.

[Italian, diminutive of concerto, concert; see concert.]


n, pl -ni (-nɪ)
1. (Classical Music) the small group of soloists in a concerto grosso. Compare ripieno
2. (Classical Music) a short concerto
[C19: from Italian: a little concerto]


(ˌkɒn tʃərˈti noʊ)

n., pl. -ni (-nē).
1. a short concerto.
2. the group of solo instruments in a concerto grosso.
[1720–30; < Italian, =concert(o) (see concerto) + -ino -ine3]
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Glen Morgan's Concertino is a romantic work of approximately fifteen minutes duration.
Creative highlights have included the world premiere recording of the piano concertino by Arnold Bax 70 years after the composer abandoned the work, and a recording of the Finzi and Copland clarinet concertos selected as Classic FM CD of the Week.
Sinfonietta, Glagolitic Mass, Concertino, Capriccio, The Diary of One who Disappeared, Sonata for Violin and Piano, A Memory, Piano Fragments: In memoriam, Andante, Moderate, I Wait for You, Christ the Lord is Born
The program will include "As the Crow Flies" by UO student Douglas Detrick; "Laudes" by Jan Bach; Grieg's Suite for Brass; and Shostakovich's Concertino for Double Brass Quintet, which also will feature the UO Graduate Brass Quintet.
Gibbs is also represented by a Concertino, as are Gordon Jacob and Robin Milford.
The balance in no.2 allows the recorder to come through loud and clear as an equal partner within the concertino group.
Discussing the twelve-tone structure of Aria I from the Concertino (1955), the author suggests that Berkeley was too unsystematic to convert to the "dogmatic religion" of serialism (p.
Franck: Sonata in A major (transcribed for horn by Kurt Civilette); Daniel Davis: Trio Gran Quivira for bassoon, horn and piano; Poulenc: Elegie for horn and piano; von Weber: Concertino, Op.
Previous compositions include a Concertino for piano and chamber orchestra, a Sonata for viola and piano, Q-Crazy for saxophone and harpsichord, a Double Fugue for string trio, and a number of choral compositions.
Alongside the Prague Spring competition the longest-standing among the Czech competitions are the Chopin competition in Marianske Lazne and Beethoven's Hradec in Hradec nad Moravici, founded in 1962, Smetana Competition founded in 1963 in Hradec Kralove, the Dvorak Competition in Karlovy Vary founded in 1966, and its contemporary Concertino Praga, dedicated to young musical talents.
The program includes Ervin Schulhoff's Concertino for Flute, Viola and Bass; Six Bagatelles for wind quintet by Gyorgy Ligeti; a flute quartet by Eugene Bozza; a sextet for winds and piano by Francis Poulenc; a trio for violin, clarinet and piano by Aram Khachaturian; Franz Schubert's "Trout" piano quartet; and a jazz piece.