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n. pl. con·cer·ti·nos
1. A short concerto.
2. The solo group in a concerto grosso.

[Italian, diminutive of concerto, concert; see concert.]


n, pl -ni (-nɪ)
1. (Classical Music) the small group of soloists in a concerto grosso. Compare ripieno
2. (Classical Music) a short concerto
[C19: from Italian: a little concerto]


(ˌkɒn tʃərˈti noʊ)

n., pl. -ni (-nē).
1. a short concerto.
2. the group of solo instruments in a concerto grosso.
[1720–30; < Italian, =concert(o) (see concerto) + -ino -ine3]
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No cree en la inspiracion sino en el teson, y a su buen humor y sencillez agrega la dicha de contemplar mujeres hermosas y de saber que sus obras se tocan en todo el mundo; entre las cuales hay que precisar, de entre mas de centenar y medio: tres sinfonias, dos conciertos para piano y orquesta, un concertino para violin y orquesta de cuerdas, un concierto para flauta y orquesta, una sonata para violon violonchelo solo, otra para piano y una mas para piano y violon violonchelo, ademas de una sonata para violin y piano y un concierto mas para violin y gran orquesta, sin olvidar su concierto para guitarra electrica y orquesta y sus ballets La Manda y El Sueno y la Presencia.
Also, next year, he performed Wladislaw Szpilman Concertino with symphonic orchestra in Rzeszow, Poland.
This handsomely presented bargain-price five-CD set, with excellent sound, also includes a harp concertino (soloist Clifford Lantaff), two piano concertos, two symphonies.
Massenet, pieza orquestal con un estupendo solo de violin que bordo la joven concertino de La Camerata de Cohahuila: Romana Rudoman, y la Fleming nos obsequio otros dos fragmentos del arla "C'est Thai's, l'idole fragile", y de Manon" la famosa aria de la mesita "Adie notre petite table".
The Pallas theatre in Nicosia is getting ready to present the world premiere of Artemis Aifiotiti's Concertino for Clarinet and String Orchestra with soloist George Georgiou and the Commandaria Orchestra.
The most interesting item of this collection is the autograph second violin part of Stravinsky's Concertino for String Quartet (1920), performed by the Pro Arte Quartet on many occasions.
In the orchestral parts, however, the indications may be instructions for reducing instrumentation to an accompanying concertino or petit choeur during the solo passages.
Particularly outstanding was Weinberg's intense Concertino for Violin and String Orchestra, which offered an emotional kaleidoscope of rich textural landscapes and ecstatic melodies.
In an evening of European music, the German showed contrasting sides to his piano playing, opening with Leos Janacek's lighthearted Concertino, in which the 71-yearold composer returned to his childhood with vivid scenes from the natural world he saw.
The book contains a fine selection of transcriptions of familiar tunes, such as "On Wings of the Song" by Mendelssohn and "Dark Eyes," a traditional Russian Gypsy folk song, and classics of standard violin repertoire such as "Student Concertino No.
Today's symphony program is titled "Branford and Bernstein," with Marsalis doing the sax work in Jacques Ibert's Concertino da Camera for alto saxophone.