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n. pl. con·chae (-kē′)
1. Anatomy Any of various structures, such as the external ear, that resemble a shell in shape. Also called conch.
2. Architecture The half dome over an apse.

[Late Latin, semidome, from Latin, mussel shell; see conch.]

con′chal (-kəl) adj.
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Conchal cartilage and composite grafts for correction of lower lid retraction.
These grafts consist mostly of fascia of the temporal muscle, tragal perichondrium, tragal and conchal cartilage, periosteum, vein, adipose tissue, subcutaneous tissue, fascia lata, skin of the ear canal, and heterotopic skin tissue.
Conchal cartilage was used to reconstruct the upper third of the posterior canal wall.
Materials and Methods: Fascioperichondrial flap with a proximal base prepared from the dorsal side was transposed to the anterior helix and conchal excision side and secured with stitches to hide visible edges and reinforce Furnas sutures.
point zero, which is midpoint between the crus of the helix and the conchal fossa, and 3.
Comparison of sinoscopic techniques for examining the rostral maxillary and ventral conchal sinuses of horses.
It was attached to conchal crest of maxilla in ruminants (Mc Leod, 1958; Hare, 1975b), horse and pig (Hare, 1975a b), dog (Sisson, 1975) and in buffalo from third molar tooth to incisive papilla (Dhingra and Kumar, 1978).
Recurrence rate of repaired hard palate oronasal fistula with conchal cartilage graft.
Dueno de mansiones suntuarias en Boca del Rio, El Estero y El Conchal, segun documentaron diputados federales y locales del PRI, Yunes Linares promete acabar con el "despilfarro" de Casa Veracruz y cerrar las oficinas de representacion del gobierno jarocho en la Ciudad de Mexico y Madrid, asi como otros inmuebles.