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Adj.1.conciliative - intended to placate; "spoke in a conciliating tone"; "a conciliatory visit"
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The legislative endeavours of the second phase, however, were ushered in with a new zeal and zest as the existing system for the settlement and adjudication of the industrial disputes was deemed to be replete with lacunae and deficiencies because it was not until 1969 that the difference between the conflicts arising out of matters of rights and the conflicts arising out of matters of interest was maintained, especially, the conciliation service was stated to be inadequate due to a couple of reasons: firstly, non-satisfactory calibre of the conciliation officers and, secondly, the concentration of the administrative, conciliative and judicial powers in the same hands55.
About 275 members of NATAU employed at Air Namibia threatened industrial action on 21 April at midnight if the airline failed to reach a conciliative agreement with the union.
Ueroe tragico, infatti, e la manifestazione del principium individuationis e della hybris, grazie alla quale agisce ribellandosi a una legge data, e consapevole delle antinomie dell'esistenza, non cerca soluzioni conciliative; mentre "il borghese addomestica, riduce, smussa gli angoli della natura umana fino afarne un esempio di virtu personale e di ossequio pubblico in ogni momento dell'esistenza" (Chesterton 20).