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n. pl. con·cin·ni·ties
1. Harmony in the arrangement or interarrangement of parts with respect to a whole.
2. Studied elegance and facility in style of expression: "He has what one character calls 'the gifts of concinnity and concision,' that deft swipe with a phrase that can be so devastating in children" (Elizabeth Ward).
3. An instance of harmonious arrangement or studied elegance and facility.

[From Latin concinnitās, from concinnāre, to put in order, from concinnus, deftly joined.]


n, pl -ties
(Literary & Literary Critical Terms) a harmonious arrangement of parts, esp in literary works, speeches, etc
[C16: from Latin concinnitās a skilful combining of various things, from concinnāre to adjust, of obscure origin]
conˈcinnous adj


(kənˈsɪn ɪ ti)

n., pl. -ties.
1. harmony of tone as well as logic among the elements of a discourse.
2. any harmonious adaptation of parts.
[1525–35; < Latin concinnitās=concinn(us) neatly arranged]


harmony or fitness, especially of literary style. — concinnous, adj.
See also: Literary Style
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Global X Funds launched the Global X Conscious Companies ETF (KRMA), which tracks a proprietary index created by Concinnity Advisors.
The company it tracks a proprietary index created by Concinnity Advisors to identify companies that have demonstrated a long term focus on creating positive outcomes for a variety of stakeholders.
The ETF tracks a proprietary index created by Concinnity Advisors, which draws on dozens of sources to identify companies that have demonstrated a long term focus on creating positive outcomes for a variety of stakeholders, including employees, customers, communities, suppliers, and stock and debt holders.
From Corporate Concinnity in the Boardroom by Nancy Falls.
He begins by reviewing cynicism in antiquity, then offers close readings of elegant expedience in Machiavelli's Il Principe (~1513), acute concinnity in Graci[sz]n's Or[sz]culo manuel y arte de prudencia (1647), a "Diogenes redivivus" in Diderot's Le Neveu de Rameau (~1774/1805/1891), and beyond morality or cynicism in Nietzsche's Nachgelassene Fragmente (1884-89).
They are a melange of the old and obscure and I shall attempt with considered concinnity to give them an airing for the edification of philistines who may be obambulating through subtopia and beyond, and hope this will not be considered knavery or the act of a rapscallion or dismissed as simple flapdoodle but accepted as an exercise by an honest opsimath.
The case involved a limited liability company, Concinnity LLC, which purchased 300 acres of undeveloped land divided into four sections.
Given the close concinnity between the ideological project of these texts and that of The Elder Statesman, a question poses itself.
Yet the spike in attention has not translated into a more heightened regard for the quality and concinnity of Indian cinema.
I don't suppose I'll ever read the book again, but many elements of the movie repay repeated exposure, from Elmer Bernstein's superb score to Horton Foote's screenplay, a model of concision and concinnity from which extraneous characters in the novel (such as annoying Aunt Alexandra) are wisely excised.
The perceptually tight coupling of auditory input with motor output, the extraction of periodicities from complex auditory stimuli, the engagement of attention and temporal expectancies, perhaps even the distributed neurocircuitry governing interval timing--such concinnity in the service of entrainment and synchronization "may reflect" some evolutionary mechanism of natural selection for "music-specific abilities" (p.
Funk/Levis & Associates, a Eugene-based advertising and marketing agency, has added eight new clients: Mushroom Science, The Oregon Jamboree, Public Safety Center, Sequential Bio-Fuels, Concinnity Consulting, Farwest Steel, Kennedy Jenks and Olive Grand.