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Yet somehow I feel depressed when I read it, for I seem now to have grown twice as old as I was when I penned its concluding lines.
Concluding Remarks From MCLEAN's Edition, New York.
Vice-Chancellor Prof.Dr Talat Naseer Pasha presided over the concluding ceremony and distributed trophies among winners of the spring festival contests.
Famous writer and director, Anwer Maqsood will be the chief guest at the concluding ceremony scheduled to start at 6:30 pm.
He added, "The aim of concluding the MoUs is to exchange scientific and cultural experience, as well as preparing studies and scholarships, in addition to carrying out joint scientific researches and training courses."
After concluding that the taxpayer sold the pledged shares to the counterparty, the Service addressed whether the taxpayer qualified for nonrecognition treatment under Sec.
(25) HMDA data, therefore, have limitations that make them an inadequate basis, absent other information, for concluding that an institution has not assisted adequately in meeting its community's credit needs or has engaged in illegal lending discrimination.
Supreme Court reversed, concluding that the officer had sufficient probable cause to arrest Pringle based on the information known to the officer at the time of arrest and the reasonable inferences the officer could draw therefrom.
In 1990, the Supreme Court issued a decision essentially overturning Sherbert and Yoder, concluding that the Constitution did not require government to prove a compelling interest in laws that infringe, even substantially, on religious freedom.
Following cross-motions, the district court granted summary judgment to Lyon after concluding he lacked actual authority and thus was not a responsible party.
[section] 31.3401(a)-l(a)(5), 31.3121(a)l(i), and 31.3306(b)-1(i) (each concluding that remuneration for services is subject to FITW, FICA taxes, and FUTA taxes, respectively, unless a specific statutory exception applies, even though the employee is no longer an employee when the remuneration is paid).