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1. Conclusive.
2. Law Relating to or being a conclusion of fact presented without the statement of specific supporting evidence upon which the conclusion is based: conclusory findings.


(kənˈkluːsərɪ) or


of, relating to, or involving an end or conclusion
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Engaging over 1,200 students, the knowledge sharing sessions explored a range of topics; including innovation, planning, critical thinking, evaluating market competition, sales, negotiation and company models and structuring, with conclusionary group presentations to present new marketable products.
When they do say that the claim has been considered and rejected on harmless-error grounds, their explanation for why they regard any possible error as harmless is ordinarily brief and unrevealing, often conclusionary, almost always immune to criticism or review because it is case-specific and therefore opaque to anyone not thoroughly familiar with the record of the particular case.
The course of the human river, however, keeps going on and maybe, just as it started out in its evolutionary course, it will proceed into its conclusionary one.
Pacifica with the conclusionary remarks by Justice Stevens in Pacifica:
But even if it were clearly understood that this assertion would be no more than a conclusionary label attached to considerations which focus upon the limitations of the American judicial process, rather than upon the constitutional grants of power to the political departments of the government, I would regard such an 'escalation' as undesirable .
Berkowitz's opinions were wholly conclusionary, and based on mere conjecture and assumptions that were contrary to the medical records and facts.
decision making criteria, data interpretation and conclusionary statements d.
Jocelyn Wogan-Browne, the grande dame of medieval virginity studies, receives accolades and gratitude throughout the collection (she also provides the conclusionary essay).
And like David Mamet's "Edmond," Ollie falls further and further toward a hell that ends (or maybe just begins) in a conclusionary date with the electric chair.
The court found that the expert testimony was "too qualified, tentative and conclusionary to constitute substantial evidence that plaintiffs, by adopting a liability theory that makes actual dosages and variation in individual response irrelevant, will be able to prove causation and damages by common evidence.
Despite the lengthy description of the CFC's activities in relation to its manufacturing oversight, the FSA dismisses those activities in one conclusionary sentence, essentially contrasting the activities of the CFC in Rev.
The real difference is I will not write conclusionary stories about what Bloomberg appears to be.