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Serving to put an end to doubt, question, or uncertainty; decisive: conclusive evidence. See Synonyms at decisive.

con·clu′sive·ly adv.
con·clu′sive·ness n.
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Noun1.conclusiveness - the quality of being final or definitely settled; "the finality of death"
definiteness, determinateness - the quality of being predictable with great confidence
inconclusiveness - the quality of being inconclusive
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إِقْناع، إقْتِناعِيَّه
det at være afgørende/endelig
meggyőző erő
sönnun, sönnunargildi


(kənˈkluːd) verb
1. to come or bring to an end. to conclude a meeting; He concluded by thanking everyone.
2. to come to believe. We concluded that you weren't coming.
conˈclusion (-ʒən) noun
1. an end. the conclusion of his speech.
2. a judgement. I came to the conclusion that the house was empty.
conˈclusive (-siv) adjective
convincing. conclusive proof.
conˈclusively adverb
conˈclusiveness noun
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And in proof of the conclusiveness of his opinion all the wrinkles vanished from his face.
It is now a well-established fact that glaciers move; I consider that my observations go to show, with equal conclusiveness, that a hog in a spring does not move.
Perhaps it is a little depressing to inherit not lands but an example of intellectual and spiritual virtue; perhaps the conclusiveness of a great ancestor is a little discouraging to those who run the risk of comparison with him.
"I know nothing about these questions," said Sir Charles, with an air of conclusiveness; "but I see no objection to emigration" The fact is," said Trefusis, "the idea of emigration is a dangerous one for us.
"There's a high probability that this is a case of suicide bombing but as to the conclusiveness, hindi natin masabi ng 100 percent sapagkat posible pa rin na ito ay kaso ng isang tao na may dalang improvised explosive device na pinasabog ng isa pang tao from a distance (it's not yet 100 percent as there is a possibility the improvise explosive device carried by one of the suspects could have been detonated by another person from a distance)," said Brigadier General Edgard Arevalo, AFP spokesperson, in a separate press conference at Camp Aguinaldo in Quezon City.
It is not yet at the point of conclusiveness as the proxy of wealth is at the market level.
In affirming the lower court's decision, the Fourth District pointed to the limited role of courts in reviewing arbitration proceedings and the conclusiveness of arbitration awards, (26) and concluded that the only bases for setting aside arbitration awards governed by the FAC are those set forth in F.S.
Whereas, as Marta Caminero-Santangelo argues, Spivak was not so wrong when she affirmed that the subaltern cannot speak, "at least with the final authority and conclusiveness regarding the facts of trauma" (15), approaching the mainstream culture through socially engaged theatre allows the subaltern to have the final authority on her own trauma.
Any break in the chain of custody or lapse in the control of possession of the sample, will cast doubts on the safe custody and safe transmission of the sample(s) and will impair and vitiate the conclusiveness and reliability of the report of the government analyst,' it said.
As such, these are barred from being relitigated under the doctrine of 'res judicata' in the concept of 'conclusiveness of judgment.'
However, this rule on conclusiveness of factual findings is not an absolute one,' it added.
But its findings have an element of conclusiveness.'