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1. Conclusive.
2. Law Relating to or being a conclusion of fact presented without the statement of specific supporting evidence upon which the conclusion is based: conclusory findings.
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(kənˈkluːsərɪ) or


of, relating to, or involving an end or conclusion
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"conclusory" is a lack of supporting evidence, (198)
Applying these principles to Iqbal's complaint, the court found the bulk of his allegations merely conclusory, and, therefore, not entitled to any presumption of truth.
This isn't to say that the trial lawyers are responsible for the state of things, but the categorical immunization of trial lawyers from some responsibility strikes me as conclusory to say the least.
"The complaint is an unfair effort to tar Jaffe with conclusory allegations of fraud," Jaffe s lawyers said.
Given the conclusory findings of this critical analysis, current understandings have been promoted.
As the author notes, "For the sake of easier readability, these textual modifications (which occur mainly in the opinions' introductory and conclusory paragraphs) have generally not been indicated.
Following the instructions of the Supreme Court, however, the USPTO has clarified that 'obviousness cannot be sustained by mere conclusory statements' and requires examiners to provide a clear articulation of the reasons for finding obviousness.
977 (1974)], the court rejected an agency's conclusory affidavit stating that requested FOIA documents were subject to exemption, saying "A Vaughn Index must: (1) identify each document withheld; (2) state the statutory exemption claimed; and (3) explain how disclosure would damage the interests protected by the claimed exemption."
"Defendant fails to show, and this court fails to see, that the absence of this information makes the complaint vague and conclusory such that defendant can not interpose a response in good faith," Sweet wrote.
The appeals court also explained that the original affidavits provided to the magistrate judge were conclusory assertions that the documents were created in anticipation of litigation but Yum was permitted to supplement the record and provide more concrete and detailed support for its work-product claim.
In court, Underwood's defence requested a gagging order, complaining that officials made "inflammatory, prejudicial and conclusory statements" to the media that had helped fuel widespread interest in the case.
Documentation should be written in specific language, not general conclusory statements.