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tr.v. con·coct·ed, con·coct·ing, con·cocts
1. To prepare by mixing ingredients, as in cooking.
2. To devise, using skill and intelligence; contrive: concoct a plan.

[Latin concoquere, concoct-, to boil together : com-, com- + coquere, to cook; see pekw- in Indo-European roots.]

con·coct′er, con·coc′tor n.
con·coc′tion n.
con·coc′tive adj.
References in classic literature ?
So down they sat, And to thir viands fell, nor seemingly The Angel, nor in mist, the common gloss Of Theologians, but with keen dispatch Of real hunger, and concoctive heate To transubstantiate; what redounds, transpires Through Spirits with ease; nor wonder; if by fire Of sooty coal the Empiric Alchimist Can turn, or holds it possible to turn Metals of drossiest Ore to perfet Gold As from the Mine.
The PM assured that Pakistan is in safe hands, adding 'there is a concoctive narrative being spread against unscrupulous and vested narrative this is not new to us.
ISLAMABAD -- Following the call against power outages , Citizens and traders of Faisalabad observed complete shutter-down strike on Saturday, second concoctive day of three days strike against prolonged power cuts while business activities remained suspended in the city.