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Harmonious; agreeing.

[Middle English concordaunt, from Old French concordant, from Latin concordāns, concordant-, present participle of concordāre, to agree, from concors, concord-, agreeing; see concord.]

con·cor′dant·ly adv.
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The circle-shaped genes, which are concordantly significant between the two pipelines, are the most stable and unaffected by the inclusion of lncRNA.
"When a supranational common good is clearly identified, it is necessary to have a special authority legally and concordantly constituted capable of facilitating its implementation.
Rifampin resistance was detected among 7/250 (2.8%) patients, concordantly with Xpert testing results for all cases (Table 1).
Concordantly, Amaral, Jones, and Karseth (2002) identify students, parents of students, academics, employees, the state, and higher education institutions as the stakeholders of higher education, and they differentiate internal stakeholders as "members of the academic community" and external stakeholders as "outside the university" (p.
Do alcohol misuse, smoking, and depression vary concordantly or sequentially?
Concordantly, Hisham Okasha, chairperson of the NBE, said that cooperating with FAB to provide financial advice to Midor in this transaction comes at a time when the two banks are continuing their role in supporting national projects of good credit and economic feasibility to the country's economy in all sectors, directly and indirectly, mainly oil sector projects.
Concordantly, serum levels of brain-type FABP are elevated in a significant proportion of patients with various neurodegenerative diseases including AD (38).
Alc was lower when distress was concordantly low and higher when distress was concordantly high, with significant association of concordance (a, = 0.609).
The final assembly, in which highly similar sequences were clustered via CD-HTT (Li and Godzik, 2006) with a 95% similarity threshold, was composed of 554,991 Trinity transcripts and 458.857 Trinity "genes." Of the original trimmed reads, 94.08% were aligned back to this reference assembly, with 72.89% aligning concordantly as proper pairs.
Concordantly, a principal components analysis and a factor analysis were managed in order to calculate the importance rating of certain service attributes and a few emphasizing dimensions named strategic dimensions (factors).