concrete jungle

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Noun1.concrete jungle - an area in a city with large modern buildings that is perceived as dangerous and unpleasant
jungle - a location marked by an intense competition and struggle for survival
city, metropolis, urban center - a large and densely populated urban area; may include several independent administrative districts; "Ancient Troy was a great city"
street - the streets of a city viewed as a depressed environment in which there is poverty and crime and prostitution and dereliction; "she tried to keep her children off the street"
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It has been almost 10 months that the actor has been in New York seeking treatment for an unknown health condition and the actor seemed to miss watching the sky in the "concrete jungle".
This park will not only offer respite to the 14.9 million souls living in the concrete jungle but would also provide an alternative to Clifton beach.
'The land has become a concrete jungle,' Achoki said.
The minister said: "We do not believe in establishing concrete jungle and people would observe a visible change in environment with the plantation of saplings." The minister also distributed pamphlets in connection with the Clean and Green Pakistan campaign.
The government needs to devise an effective family planning policy according to our country's resources otherwise we will be left with a concrete jungle and a ruined ecosystem.
Forged in the fire of the concrete jungle, polyurethane wheels, Swiss bearings and grease, RB is a father, lover, friend and a man whose mark has touched many and inspired countless people.
Those climbing higher into the mountains will be treated with a breathtaking view overlooking the Taipei Basin, a getaway from the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle.
She has been enjoying the city by also touring the concrete jungle.
Poe took a snap of her view from Soho, describing the scene as a 'concrete jungle' - a reference from the 2008 Jay-Z and Alicia Keys collaboration 'Empire State of Mind'.
Offers available while stocks last HIKING BOOTS Chunky, hiking-style boots are ideal for stomping your way through the concrete jungle. LEFT: Skechers lace-up boots PS54.99, Deichmann RIGHT: Bertie brown lace up boots, PS115, Dune
On the outskirts of the city away from the concrete jungle, I gloried in the verdant surroundings, with superb mature trees spread across the estate in majestic profusion.
He said that the city is currently a concrete jungle and called it 'a heat trap'.