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 (kŏn-kyo͞o′bə-nĭj, kən-)
1. Law Cohabitation without legal marriage.
2. The state of being a concubine.
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1. (Law) cohabitation without legal marriage
2. the state of living as a concubine
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(kɒnˈkyu bə nɪdʒ, kɒŋ-)

1. cohabitation of a man and woman without legal or formal marriage.
2. the state of being a concubine.
con•cu′bi•nar′y, n., adj.
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Noun1.concubinage - cohabitation without being legally married
cohabitation - the act of living together and having a sexual relationship (especially without being married)
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The situation has perpetuated unclear or confusing rules and situations regarding their property and hereditary rights, custody of children and even exposes them to possible criminal liability for concubinage, adultery or bigamy.
One, these second-chance couples are becoming the single biggest class of criminals in our country - guilty of the crimes of adultery, concubinage or bigamy, judging by anecdotal tales on the prevalence of failed first marriages and subsequent unofficial unions among the poor.
Sexual slavery, codified by sharia in a land where one of the main exports was slaves, is referred to, again as is customary, as "concubinage," and Christian women bought in slave markets or captured in jihad are here rendered "concubines." Whenever something reflects badly on al-Andalus, the book helpfully points out that the same outrage also existed under Christianity, and, accordingly, we are reminded of the similar treatment of Muslim women in Christian lands.
A husband previously arrested for allegedly falsifying his marriage contract was again apprehended minutes after he posted his bail money, now for two another cases of Bigamy and Concubinage filed against him.
She specifically asked Falcis how the provisions of the Revised Penal Code on concubinage and adultery should apply in case of same-sex marriage.
They did not work to halt the worst practices of the era - the sale of children away from parents, the separation of husbands and wives - nor did they seek to end the concubinage of enslaved girls and women.
Yet as the Torah proceeds, there is polygamy (Jacob has two wives; David and Solomon, many more), provision for divorce (see Deuteronomy 24), concubinage (Abraham and Hagar; Jacob and Bilhah; and many more), adultery (Hosea and Gomer), and abandonment (David, again).
Only then, and slowly, was the concubinage system phased out, until its final dissolution in 1928.
applies to situations where a party to a marriage or concubinage (74)
In a China torn by conflict between Confucian tradition and the intruding forces of colonialism and modernism, they fought such practices as female infanticide, child betrothal, concubinage, and foot-binding.