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 (kən-kûr′əns, -kŭr′-) also con·cur·ren·cy (-ən-sē)
n. pl. con·cur·renc·es also con·cur·renc·ies
1. Agreement in opinion.
2. Cooperation, as of agents, circumstances, or events.
3. Simultaneous occurrence; coincidence.
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Noun1.concurrency - agreement of results or opinions
agreement - the verbal act of agreeing
2.concurrency - acting together, as agents or circumstances or events
cooperation - joint operation or action; "their cooperation with us was essential for the success of our mission"
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The critics, writing in the journals AIDS and Behavior and The Lancet, argue that researchers lack a precise definition of concurrency or a standard way to measure it, and that the data do not show a significant association between concurrency and either HIV incidence or prevalence.
Bellingham's transportation planning program received top honors last week, winning the 2009 American Planning Association/Planning Association of Washington award for Transportation Planning in Washington State, for the city's Multimodal Transportation Concurrency Program, adopted by City Council in Dec.
Thus, they have said that more research is needed to prove that the sexual practice of concurrency has accelerated the spread of HIV in Africa.
It also revises local government comprehensive plan requirements and associated implementation issues relating to concurrency, as well as providing for certain exemptions to the development of regional impact program.
This will provide the integrated training system with collaborative product acquisition, deployment, and concurrency data.
Concurrency in applications is typically coded as multithreaded programs.
Chief among those recognized hazards was "concurrency"--a greater tendency for African people to have simultaneous, ongoing, committed sexual relationships with a small number of people at a time.
Despite of many DataSet benefits, this strategy generates a few unexpected problems, related to database concurrency exceptions.
A security researcher at Cambridge disclosed a new class of vulnerabilities that takes advantage of concurrency to bypass security protections such as antivirus software.
It provides many more examples of concurrency of lines and circles constructed on geometric figures and on graphs in Cartesian and polar co-ordinate systems.
* Local government must establish "concurrency standards" for certain infrastructure, including roads and water.
Version 3.0 of the NPS software delivers query processing, workload management, user concurrency and bulk data movement.