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1. A violent jarring; a shock: The concussion from the explosion broke windows three blocks away.
2. An injury to an organ, especially the brain, produced by a violent blow and followed by a temporary or prolonged loss of function.

[Middle English concussioun, bruise, contusion, from Latin concussiō, concussiōn-, concussion, from concussus, past participle of concutere, to strike together; see concuss.]

con·cus′sive (-kŭs′ĭv) adj.
con·cus′sive·ly adv.
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Fiordigiglio, aged 35, has lost only two of 33, but is not a concussive puncher.
Intravenous Infusion for the Treatment of Chronic Post Concussive Syndrome (CCS) in Retired Athletes and Retired U.S.
Dave Kearney played full-back last Saturday but presented with 'minor concussive symptoms' and is undergoing return to play protocols.
Almost all concussive penalties were on the Flat, with punishment meted out for some wide-margin wins over the two days at Dundalk.
Birmingham's superbantamweight powerhouse found the concussive, contestending shot in the seventh.
Through a research grant, electroCore intends to provide up to one million dollars over a four-year period to Massachusetts General Hospital to conduct multiple preclinical studies, including initial work initiated in the second quarter of 2018 in the following areas: The effects of nVNS on persistent neuroinflammation and the neurological outcomes after concussive traumatic brain injury; and The effects of nVNS on microglia cells and their association with the development and progression of Alzheimer's disease.
According to statement by the Chicago law firm Corboy & Demetrio, "both players claim they suffered repeated concussive brain injuries throughout their careers and that they were never warned of the significant risk of brain damage because the League withheld the information from them and other players of their era."
Not all blows, of course, are concussive. Sub-concussive impacts
The company added that the military grant will support the development of an expanding foam hemostat for the treatment of internal non-compressible haemorrhage that typically results from being struck by shrapnel or a significant concussive force.
Let us hope the concussive punching Callum can do just that, and earn the win which would set up a mouth-watering final.
While some patients recover fully from a concussion, or continue with minor impairment, others develop CTE, a form of progressive brain degeneration that can result from major concussive injuries or from multiple minor or "subthreshold" brain traumas.