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Notwithstanding his rather condescending attitude towards patriotism he had been adopted as the national poet, and seemed since the war of seventy to be one of the most significant glories of national unity.
But you must not think that he finds any DIFFICULTY in condescending to me, who am only a copyist.
"I do like it when he looks down at me from the height of his grandeur, or breaks off his learned conversation with me because I'm a fool, or is condescending to me.
Suppose a person of the Fourth Dimension, condescending to visit you, were to say, 'Whenever you open your eyes, you see a Plane (which is of Two Dimensions) and you INFER a Solid (which is of Three); but in reality you also see
"Yes, but it is hard for us to imagine eternity," remarked Dimmler, who had joined the young folk with a mildly condescending smile but now spoke as quietly and seriously as they.
After the condescending surprise, nonrecognition, and praise, from those who were not themselves dressed up, the young people decided that their costumes were so good that they ought to be shown elsewhere.
"Well, my dear Blanche," said the mother, "I suppose, as Papa wants to go, we must go; but we needn't know them in England, you know." And so, determined to cut their new acquaintance in Bond Street, these great folks went to eat his dinner at Brussels, and condescending to make him pay for their pleasure, showed their dignity by making his wife uncomfortable, and carefully excluding her from the conversation.
It's patronising and condescending to all of us who aren't sylphs to keep on being told that she's like one of us.
I'm also upset about her condescending attitude toward Dignity.
We were bombarded with goofy and dopey movies about high school high jinks such as American Pie and condescending, tawdry yawn-a-thons such as Varsity Blues, Never Been Kissed, or worse, Cruel Intentions.
(And Jon, people who live in vapid Safe houses shouldn't throw condescending words like "cornball" around.)
The condescending attitude of the former and the refusal to listen to the people by the latter should remind us that just over 50 years ago we were fighting to eliminate fascism.