conditional contract

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Noun1.conditional contract - a contract whose performance depends on a fact or event that affects legal relations
contract - a binding agreement between two or more persons that is enforceable by law
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A conditional contract for the turbines was signed in September last year.
Q: Is the contract between John and Vincent a conditional contract of sale?
The security of a conditional contract exchange allows more time to raise finance or complete due diligence.
We agreed and signed a conditional contract with Chris Taylor which was dependent on our ground development plan going ahead," said Richardson.
The parties signed a conditional contract for an additional 69 MW.
International Resource News-December 3, 2010--Ceramic Fuel Cells Ltd receives conditional contract from EWE(C)1994-2010 ENPublishing - http://www.
Leaeno, who is expected to arrive in England on Monday, has signed a conditional contract to the end of next season.
UK publishing and media company Huveaux plc (LSE:HVX) has entered into a conditional contract to sell its education division to HarperCollins Publishers Ltd for GBP10.
Q CAN YOU explain the advantages of a conditional contract.
Mobile phone operator Vodafone UK has signed a conditional contract to acquire Aspective Limited, a consultancy and service provider, and has also acquired Isis Telecommunications Management Limited, a provider of customer services, fleet management and bespoke managed services.
The facts are that in a short space of time, hopefully in just a few short weeks, we will have exchanged a conditional contract with a major food retailer that will take our dreams and make them reality.

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