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Noun1.conditional response - an acquired response that is under the control of (conditional on the occurrence of) a stimulusconditional response - an acquired response that is under the control of (conditional on the occurrence of) a stimulus
learned reaction, learned response - a reaction that has been acquired by learning
conditioned avoidance, conditioned avoidance response - a conditioned response that anticipates the occurrence of an aversive stimulus
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"There is so much undeveloped science behind conditional response, chemical response.
We predicted that both would become more efficient: that the proportion of collect phases with pecks would decrease for [S.sup.[DELTA]] but not [S.sup.D] trials, that response rates when pigeons did peck would decrease, and that proportions and conditional response rates would both be functions of the number of red lights presented in the sample phase.
"The Arab foreign ministers will meet within days to review Syria's conditional response to signing the protocol to send observers into the country," Nabeel Al Araby told Kuwaiti daily Al Anba yesterday.
Gates offered a conditional response when he was asked whether the war justified its cost: "I think that it really requires a historian's perspective in terms of what happens here in the long run."
(1) Brickman and Peterson write that the Conditional Response Model holds that while elite actors can influence and polarize the public when they first act on an issue, subsequent action will not have this same effect.
This new response is called the conditional response.
The conditional response rate in year two is defined as respondents divided by eligibles, where eligibles are restricted to initial round respondents who are alive on January 1 of year two.
K: Today's Gospel contains a conditional response. When Jesus says "If," I'm not so sure I want to know the "then." There are some translations of this passage that read "If you love me, keep my commandments." It is translated as an imperative.
The conditional response rate to the Stage 2 survey was approximately 82%.
This indicates that the model in Table 4 comports with our conditional response hypothesis.
In this context, it is useful to differentiate the conditional response (R), defined earlier when the general form of the conditional discrimination choice task was introduced, into a matching choice stimulus (C) that can serve as a discriminative stimulus for the matching choice action itself (e.g., selection or pointing; resp).
In addition, they document several stylized facts about the conditional responses of forecast errors and disagreement among agents that can be used to differentiate between some of the models of informational rigidities recently proposed.

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