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intr.v. con·doled, con·dol·ing, con·doles
To express sympathy or sorrow: I condoled with him in his loss.

[Late Latin condolēre, to feel another's pain : Latin com-, com- + Latin dolēre, to grieve.]

con·do′la·to′ry (-dō′lə-tôr′ē) adj.
con·dol′er n.
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Feeling or expressing pity:
Archaic: piteous, pitiful.
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I've heard that the WhatsApp message about my death is still in circulation," said Dusange who was with his wife and two children at his in-laws' place when condolatory phone calls began pouring in on Sunday.
Her manager, Anna Ylagan, also posted a photo of them together which got a lot of condolatory messages.
HRH Premier sent a similar condolatory cable to his Ethiopian counterpart, Dr.
German State Secretary Markus Ederer, at his meeting with Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for European and American Affairs, Majid Takht-Ravanchi, conveyed the condolatory message of his countrys Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel to Iranian FM Zarif on Zemestanyurt mine incident in Azadshahr and voiced Germanys readiness to provide Iran with all sorts of technical assistance.
#ChennaiFloods - People are using social media to provide help and send out condolatory messages to the victims.
It may be mentioned here that on the eve of the death of Jahangir's son Prince Pervaiz on 18 October 1626 A.D., Shah Abbas-I, the Safawid ruler of Persia, had sent a condolatory embassy under Takhta Beg with four letters; two were for Jahangir, one for Prince Shahriyar and the most interesting one was addressed to Nur Jahan Begum.
South Korea has decided to allow civilians and private organizations to send condolatory messages on the death of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, South Korea's Unification Ministry spokesman told a news briefing Wednesday.
temple columns, and used in congratulatory or condolatory messages.
HRH the Premier also sent two similar condolatory cables to Kuwait's Crown Prince HH Shaikh Nawaf Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah and Prime Minister His Highness Shaikh Jaber Al Mubarak Al Hamad Al Sabah.