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 (kŏn′də-nā′shən, -dō-)
The act of condoning, especially the implied forgiveness of an offense by ignoring it.
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(ˌkɒn doʊˈneɪ ʃən)

the act of condoning; the overlooking or implied forgiving of an offense.
[1615–25; < New Latin, Latin]
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Noun1.condonation - a pardon by treating the offender as if the offense had not occurred
pardon, forgiveness - the act of excusing a mistake or offense
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The act or an instance of forgiving:
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Toward the end of the social year, in those soft scented days of the Washington spring when the air began to show a southern glow and the Squares and Circles (to which the wide empty avenues converged according to a plan so ingenious, yet so bewildering) to flush with pink blossom and to make one wish to sit on benches--under this magic of expansion and condonation Mrs.
THE Social Security System reported over the weekend that only 30 percent of delinquent members applied for its Contribution Penalty Condonation Program (CPCP) even as its September 6 deadline draws closer.
State-run Social Security System (SSS) is strongly urging delinquent employers to avail of its contribution penalty condonation program (CPCP) ahead of the September deadline.
The Social Security System (SSS) in Western Visayas 2 Division urged the public to avail of the Contribution Penalty Condonation Program (CPCP) which will be offered until this September 6.
The directive provided for the reduction and condonation of liabilities for real property tax, as well as special levies accruing to the Special Education Fund for calendar year 2018.
The EO covers "all liabilities for real property tax, including any special levies to the Special Education Fund, for calendar 2018, on property, machinery and equipment actually and directly used by IPPs for the production of electricity under the Build-Operate-Transfer scheme and similar contracts with GOCCs." The reduction and condonation include the denominated power purchase agreements, energy conversion agreements and other contractual agreements with GOCCs.
The Social Security System (SSS)-Southern Mindanao Division 1 has urged the 3,283 delinquent employers in the city to avail of Contribution Penalty Condonation Program (CBCP) to avoid criminal liabilities once the program lapses.
The apex court had on November 2, 2018 dismissed CBI's appeal in which it had sought condonation of the 13 year delay in filing the appeal against the high court judgment.
The ministry should allow condonation of the condition of printing details of food products and ingredients in Urdu on consumer packaging at least for a month, it added.
The application states that under the Supreme Court rules, the state has a preferential right to file petitions against acquittal by extending the limitation of 30 days to 60 days which can be construed that the condonation of delay in cases against the acquittal should be made more liberally.
"We are glad to announce that the second loan restructuring program with penalty condonation will be extended for another six months to accommodate more members who have outstanding short-term obligations with the SSS," the state-run pension fund's president and chief executive Emmanuel F.