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v. con·duct·ed, con·duct·ing, con·ducts
1. To direct the course of; manage or control: a police officer who conducts traffic; a scientist who conducts experiments.
2. To lead or guide: conducted the tourists through the museum.
3. Music To direct the performance of (an orchestra or chorus, for example).
4. To serve as a medium for conveying; transmit: Some metals conduct heat.
5. To comport (oneself) in a specified way: The students conducted themselves with dignity throughout the ceremony.
1. To act as a director or conductor.
2. To show the way; lead.
n. (kŏn′dŭkt′)
1. The way a person acts, especially from the standpoint of morality and ethics.
2. The act of directing or controlling; management.
3. Obsolete A guide; an escort.

[Middle English conducten, from Latin condūcere, conduct-, to lead together; see conduce.]

con·duct′i·bil′i·ty n.
con·duct′i·ble adj.
Synonyms: conduct, direct, manage, control, steer1
These verbs mean to exercise direction over an activity: Conduct applies to the guidance, authority, and responsibility of a single person or group: The judge conducted the hearing. The committee conducted an investigation into the scandal.
Direct stresses regulation to ensure proper planning and implementation: The seasoned politician directed a brilliant political campaign.
Manage suggests ongoing guidance of a person, group, or organization: It takes skill to manage a large hotel.
Control stresses regulation and usually domination through restraint: The harbormaster controls the number of boats allowed inside the breakwater.
Steer suggests guidance that controls direction or course: I deftly steered the conversation away from politics. See Also Synonyms at accompany, behavior.
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Noun1.conducting - the way of administering a business
administration, disposal - a method of tending to or managing the affairs of a some group of people (especially the group's business affairs)
2.conducting - the direction of an orchestra or choir; "he does not use a baton for conducting"
management, direction - the act of managing something; "he was given overall management of the program"; "is the direction of the economy a function of government?"
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The two messengers who had been charged with the duty of conducting the girl to the king's presence danced, shrieking, about the prince, waving their arms and gesticulating wildly as though they would force him to relinquish her, the while they dared not lay hands upon royalty.
The district administration also issued notices to Tehreek Labbaik Pakistan for conducting a rally in Gujar Khan in violation of the code of conduct and asked its district chapter to explain their reasons to the ECP.
Sindh Public Service Commission is conducting screening test prior to main written exam of combined competitive 2018(C.C.E 2018) for reducing its burden of overwhelming applications which are almost more than 45,000.
The 1973 Constitution of Pakistan postulates conducting a census every ten years, which could become the basis of demarcating constituencies of the National and Provincial Assemblies, help in allocation of national resources to provinces through National Finance Commission (NFC) and determine job quota to provinces, on the basis of the results of the most recent census.
Of the firms selling reclaimed building materials, 59 percent reported conducting some form of deconstruction or salvage operations as well, with the remaining 41 percent reporting only selling donated materials.
Law enforcement organizations also have the option of purchasing the software and conducting these auctions themselves.
COMMERCIAL APPEAL The InterRidge code was drafted and adopted by scientists conducting basic research.
We also had improved our methodology for conducting the inspection by designing checklists and other tools to facilitate it and had developed a staff with the expertise to conduct inspections.
And many news sources have hinted that these revelations are merely the "tip of the iceberg" of the size of the actual surveillance conducted against Americans by the same Bush administration that had until December 2005 claimed at least seven times publicly that it sought a court warrant before conducting any search.
To avoid this problem, when an LLC is formed, the organizers should consider reserving its name in every state in which it anticipates conducting business.
These same groups generally also recognize that, historically and for the foreseeable future, the costs associated with conducting chemical product testing have been and will be borne largely by industry, not the public sector, reflecting both the free enterprise view that those who benefit from an activity should bear the costs of that activity as well, and chronic resource limitations on the public sector.
The University of Michigan Health System in Ann Arbor created a pre-employment program whose staff is dedicated to conducting extensive interviews, verifying references, and researching employment gaps, says Jan Mulcrone, director of HR for the health system.