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Noun1.conducting wire - a metal conductor that carries electricity over a distance
conductor - a device designed to transmit electricity, heat, etc.
filament - a thin wire (usually tungsten) that is heated white hot by the passage of an electric current
booster cable, jumper cable, jumper lead, lead - a jumper that consists of a short piece of wire; "it was a tangle of jumper cables and clip leads"
lead-in - wire connecting an antenna to a receiver or a transmitter to a transmission line
patchcord - a length of wire that has a plug at each end; used to make connections at a patchboard
telegraph line, telegraph wire, telephone line, telephone wire - the wire that carries telegraph and telephone signals
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Grant was found guilty of possessing explosives, which included acetone, hydrogen peroxide, ammonium nitrate, sulphur sublime container, four AA-size batteries and a conducting wire. The materials were suspected to be intended for use in making explosives for launching a terrorist attack.
The heating tape is essentially resistive to heaters, and it carries a conducting wire that gets hot when electricity flows through it.
This charge [DELTA]Q the Authors call "an imbalance of charge" [1] because they say it is confined to a leading volume element of length [increment of x] in the top conducting wire, and induces equal but opposite polarity charge on the bottom conducting wire.
The operation of the cable is identical to that of the independent components, a conducting wire and supercapacitor.
That is the aim of the Emerging Gabon programme that will guide our development." A programme for which the conducting wire is harnessing the potential of human, natural and mineral resources in Gabon, that is structured on three growth pillars: "Industrial Gabon", "Green Gabon" and "Service Gabon".
(e) Plastic pipe that is not encased must have an electrically conducting wire or other means of locating the pipe while it is underground.
C[pounds sterling]In one such example, called (TSF)Cl(HFTIEB), a selenium-based conducting wire is surrounded by a relatively thick layer of molecules that incorporate iodine and fluorine atoms.
From the simplest form of experiments on induction by the motion of a conducting wire through a magnetic field, he was able to derive immediately the right direction for the quantitative investigation, and the clear picture of the magnetic force-lines revealed soon the law that induction phenomena are determined completely by the intersection of the force lines with the conductor.
The simulation shows greater variation in amplitude because the finite ground plane for simulation was constructed with a perfectly conducting wire mesh, so it is expected to create more severe constructive and destructive interference patterns than the real, lossy finite ground plane.
As shown, a conducting wire (CW) was positioned in the air gap of a ferromagnetic toroid wrapped in a current-carrying coil.
In particular, there's a third piece of the science puzzle that Zhu is working on: connecting to an electrical conducting wire.