conduction anesthesia

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Noun1.conduction anesthesia - anesthesia of an area supplied by a nerveconduction anesthesia - anesthesia of an area supplied by a nerve; produced by an anesthetic agent applied to the nerve
anaesthesia, anesthesia - loss of bodily sensation with or without loss of consciousness
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Comparative evaluation of anesthetic efficacy of Gow-Gates mandibular conduction anesthesia, Vazirani-Akinosi technique, buccal-plus-lingual infiltrations, and conventional inferior alveolar nerve anesthesia in patients with irreversible pulpitis.
This edition adds about 30 new two-page spreads on topics like osteoarthritis of the hip joint, compression syndromes and conduction anesthesia of peripheral nerves, shoulder arthroscopy and degenerative changes of the shoulder joint, functions of individual muscles and symptoms associated with shortening or weakening, and diagnostic imaging of the large joints.
Now retired, I was military-residency trained in the 1970s when you had to do your own regional and conduction anesthesia as well as operative forceps delivery--and that did not mean a silastic cup vacuum extractor, though we had just started using the Malstrom vacuum.