(kənˌdʌktəˈmɛtrɪk) ,




relating to the measurement of conductivity
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At 22 [degrees]C and relative humidity of 27%, the thermal conductivity of the prepared foam was measured by using the transient hot wire method with conductometric instrument (model TC 3000E, Xiaxi Electronic Tech Co.
DO can be detected in the medium by various methods like electrochemical (potentiometric, amperometric, or conductometric), chemical (Winkler) and pptical (photoluminescence).
Among these various methods, the conductometric and spectrophotometric techniques offer the advantages for such investigations of sensitive and accurate measurement as well as inexpensive cost with a simple experimental arrangement.
In electrochemical detection, the reaction generally leads to a change of current (amperometric), potential (potentiometric), or conductivity (conductometric) [129].
Usually, the oxidative stability of biodiesel is evaluated by the so-called Rancimat method [13-15], a conductometric method where biodiesel is subjected to accelerated oxidation conditions.
Electrochemical biosensors predominantly use enzymes, and they can be classified into amperometric, potentiometric, or conductometric sensors.
It should be underlined that these values are noticeably less than the recommended threshold limit value for human exposure to ammonia (50 ppm [66]) and they are competitive to parameters of other conductometric N[H.sub.3] nanosensors [65].
Determination of deacetylation degree of chitosan: a comparison between conductometric titration and CHN elemental analysis.
Stoilova, "Conductometric study of the acidity properties of tannic acid (Chinese Tannin)," Journal of the University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy, vol.