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 (kŏn′dīl′, -dl)
A rounded prominence at the end of a bone, most often for articulation with another bone.

[Latin condylus, knuckle, from Greek kondulos.]

con′dy·lar (-də-lər) adj.
con′dy·loid′ (-dl-oid′) adj.
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Adj.1.condylar - of or relating to or resembling a condyle
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Make an impression of the maxillary and mandibular dentition with the maxillary remaining two-thirds part of the splint worn in the mouth, mount on an articulator using a face bow, transfer the protrusive condylar guide inclination and the lateral condylar guide inclination using the anterior and lateral protrusive jaw position recording silicone rubber, and make a personalized anterior guidance disk with lightly cured resin (Figure 5(a)).