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 (kŏn′dīl′, -dl)
A rounded prominence at the end of a bone, most often for articulation with another bone.

[Latin condylus, knuckle, from Greek kondulos.]

con′dy·lar (-də-lər) adj.
con′dy·loid′ (-dl-oid′) adj.
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(Anatomy) of or resembling a condyle
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Clicks in the TMJs happen due to the misplacement of the cartilage as it abruptly dislodges to the top of the condyloid process when the patient opens their mouth, with or without pain (29).
7###Point at occipital-parietal-temporal suture###7###Distalmost point of condyloid process
Abbreviations: ab = auditory bulla; ag = angular process; c = coronoid process; cj = capsular projection; cp = condyloid process; f = foramen magnum; f = frontal; fc = frontal crest; fs = frontal sinuse; gc = glenoid cavity; gp = gnathic process; i = incisor; if = infraorbital foramen; ju = jugal; ly = lacrimal; m = malleus; M = molar; ms = maseteric scar; ms = mesopterygoid fossa; n = nasal; o = occipital; pm = premaxillary; pp = parapterygoid plate; pt = pterygoids; sq = squamosal; sr = squamosal ridge; tt = tegmen tympani; z = zygomatic plate.
The ST joint is a condyloid type joint which enables the movement along a transverse plane, providing inversion and eversion foot motions.
The transverse dimension of condyloid process was 19.5 [+ or -] 2.4 mm measured in the Chinese skull specimens [31].
Benign bony enlargement of the condyloid process of the mandible.
The knee joint consists of three articulations in one: two condyloid joints, one between each condyle of the femur and the corresponding meniscus and condyle of the tibia; and a third between the patella and the femur.