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posterior view of a
right knee joint


 (kŏn′dīl′, -dl)
A rounded prominence at the end of a bone, most often for articulation with another bone.

[Latin condylus, knuckle, from Greek kondulos.]

con′dy·lar (-də-lər) adj.
con′dy·loid′ (-dl-oid′) adj.


(Anatomy) of or resembling a condyle
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7###Point at occipital-parietal-temporal suture###7###Distalmost point of condyloid process
Abbreviations: ab = auditory bulla; ag = angular process; c = coronoid process; cj = capsular projection; cp = condyloid process; f = foramen magnum; f = frontal; fc = frontal crest; fs = frontal sinuse; gc = glenoid cavity; gp = gnathic process; i = incisor; if = infraorbital foramen; ju = jugal; ly = lacrimal; m = malleus; M = molar; ms = maseteric scar; ms = mesopterygoid fossa; n = nasal; o = occipital; pm = premaxillary; pp = parapterygoid plate; pt = pterygoids; sq = squamosal; sr = squamosal ridge; tt = tegmen tympani; z = zygomatic plate.
Benign bony enlargement of the condyloid process of the mandible.
The knee joint consists of three articulations in one: two condyloid joints, one between each condyle of the femur and the corresponding meniscus and condyle of the tibia; and a third between the patella and the femur.
The TMJ is a synovial condyloid joint between the mandibular condyle and the articular eminence of the temporal bone.