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Wiggins launched himself from a standing start on a South Cave slip road 45 minutes later than planned after the Highways Agency chose an inopportune moment to cone off one westbound lane in order to fix a street light that had been struck in a Friday night collision.
Usually the council would come down a couple of days before a job and cone off the area so people don't park there.
A STUDENT who threw a traffic cone off George IV Bridge during Edinburgh's new year celebrations has been fined pounds 500.
As to the decision by Nick Richards to cone off the bus lane so motorists can get used to the chaos and the intended use of CCTV cameras to fleece more motorists, you couldn't print what I think.
Initially, our officers worked with the police on a temporary measure to cone off the road in order to restrict access to these boy racers.
The unit can also save users considerable amounts of money as they will no longer need to cone off one side of the road and then the other for inspections to be done.
But when I pulled alongside him he just shut the door and took my nose cone off, and he ended up spinning.
Engineers were forced to cone off the inside lane of the southbound M6 near Junction 1 at Rugby after a large hole appeared yesterday morning.
In most instances, lanes along the route will be reopened as soon as the last runner passes, according to city public works officials who will cone off traffic lanes on the affected streets.
TO THE RESCUE: Firemen cut cone off Charlie; HAT TRICK: Charlie in the correct costume; HEAD BOY: Stuck Charlie
This woman suffered horrific injuries at the hands of Andrew Smith, who committed a random act of stupidity by throwing a traffic cone off abridge in Edinburgh.
This has been taken to the extreme on Sky Blue Way where the contractors seem to cone off lanes for long periods without the slightest consideration for the traffic congestion it causes.