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They are having a regular confab together up at the Bank.
You could see these two roam- ing about all day long with their heads close together in an everlasting confab.
announces a full social schedule for the upcoming 10th Annual Dental ConFab to be held at the New York New York Hotel in Las Vegas June 7th - 10th.
According to a press release received here, First South Asian Inter-disciplinary Scientific Confab on MHT Discovery at Colombo, Sri Lanka was organized by inter-disciplinary experts to determine MHT phenomenon impacts.
Interdisciplinary Scientific Confab on MHT Discovery at Colombo, Sri Lanka, was organized by interdisciplinary experts to determine MHT phenomenon impacts.
Seriously: The NH Dems are holding their confab on June 18 at the Bedford High School gym - a venue that holds about 1,200 peeps.
DPT Laboratories and Confab, a DPT company specializing in complex solids, semi-solids and liquids, have completed a $10 million investment at its sites in San Antonio and Montreal.
Way back in 1955, Leonard Pearlstein formed Penn Trading, the company that would become Confab Inc.
For the third year, Top Women in Grocery's confab featured a daytime leadership development program, which began with a welcome breakfast.
The confab has been receiving increased attention, relatively speaking, following decades of complete silence.
Speaking on the sidelines of the Third International Security Conference in Moscow on Friday, Dehqan said what was seen in the confab was concerns and dissatisfaction of all countries with the interference of powers in the domestic affairs of other states.
last week for the annual NATPE confab and Real Screen Summit, respectively.